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  • Monday, September, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:07:15
  • Meat packing plants are forced to stay open. But do workers have to show up?

    WHAT: The federal government has ordered meat packing and processing plants to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic, despite COVID-19 outbreaks in several facilities nationwide. United Food and Commercial Workers (UCFW), the union representing employees at these plants, responded by requesting increased safety measures for employees, including increased testing, access to personal protective equipment and additional federal oversight. […]

    Celebrate a healthier Mother’s Day, with almonds!

    Mothers in India are the custodians of family health and play a critical role in maintaining the overall well-being of the family members. With the hectic lifestyles that our mothers follow, their own health often takes a backseat.This Mother’s Day, let’ssaluteour mothers and help towards building their health! Making small yet impactful changes in our […]

    Iftaar Recipes by Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort

    MUTTON SHAMI KEBAB RECIPE Ingredients 500 grams Boneless Mutton 1 cup chana dal ½ teaspoon Turmeric/powder 10 cloves garlic 2 inch Ginger 3 green chillies finely chopped ¼ pecans finely chopped 3 spring mint leaves/pudina Salt as required Oil as needed Whole Spices: 4 Red Chillies 1 teaspoon black pepper powder 5 Cloves ½ inch cinnamon stick 2 Cardamom ½ teaspoon shahi jeera 2 black cardamom […]

    Wondering what to cook for kids during Quarantine? Here are some quick and healthy picks!

    The lockdown may be posing some challenges, but it has given a wonderful opportunity to bring out the creative self in you. And more importantly, give your kids the most precious gifts of their lives – your love and what better way than to explore your culinary side to tug at their heartstrings. It is […]

    Homemade Dessert Recipes – Chocolate Mousse and Apple Baked Yogurt

    Ingredients: Amul chocolate. 200 gm Amul  milk    120 ml Amul cream.  (whipped )     700 ml Method: Break chocolate into small pieces. Boil milk, and, add chocolate piece to it. Mix well and let cool. After cooling keep it in fridge for one hour. Whipp the cream and add cold chocolate mixture to it. Mix well […]

    Health Benefits of Some Exotic Tropical Fruits

    It is valuable to know some of the health benefits of these little-known tropical fruits that are making their mark on eating trends as of late. These fruits include rambutan, lychee, mangosteen, and dragon fruit. Since people are always looking for new ways to stay healthy, it doesn’t hurt to have those foods also be […]

    Home Quarantine Recipes by Jaypee Hotels and Resorts

    Orange Beetroot Mint and Cinnamon Detox, Chef Tanuj Nayyar, Executive Chef, Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie S.NO. INGREDIENT QUANTITY 1. FRESH ORANGES 450 GMS 2. CARROTS 80 GMS 3. BETROOT 50 GMS 4, FRESH LEMON 1 NO 5, FRESH MINT 2 SPRIGS 6. CINNMON STCK 1NO 7. FRESH TURMERIC 20 GMS 8. FRESH GINGER 20 GMS […]

    Healthy Home Quarantine Recipes by Jaypee Hotels and Resorts

    Paneer/ Tofu Satay by- Ashish Joshi, Executive Chef ,Jaypee Siddhar  Ingredients                                     Quantity Paneer / Tofu                                          200gms Thai Red Curry Paste                        2tbsp Coconut Milk                                        06tbs Fresh Red Chilli                                   2nos           Oil                                              30ml Lemon Grass                                         01no Lemon Leaf                                            02no Glangal                                                  01 Small No Corinder                                                05gms Lemon                                                      01nos Salt                                                         To Taste Method Mix all the ingredients together in […]

    UK’s leading protein brand ‘Myprotein’ enters the Indian market

    UK’s leading sports and nutrition brand ‘Myprotein’ marks entry into India, with a strategic partnership with MSM Retail Pvt Ltd. The company established a warehouse with a robust distribution network in place to provide quicker delivery services, reducing the average wait span for their customers from 25-30 days to 3-5 days. Today, ‘Myprotein’ is Europe’s […]

    ‘All Good Deli’-cacies now serving at CSMIA

    Mumbai: As per a recent report by FICCI-PWC, the changing landscape of the retail food industry has seen consumers moving towards health and wellness that is driving the Indian food-servicing sector. Thereby bringing healthier and nourishing food options to passengers during their next departure from Mumbai, GVK MIAL managing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) […]