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  • Wednesday, June, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:38:30
  • Kitchen Central – ‘Bringing Yummy to Your Tummy’

    Craving for a fiery Thai red curry late at night? Or does a juicy chicken burger sound great in the middle of the day? Wondering how to put together a wow meal for friends dropping in over the weekend? Whatever the cuisine, or the occasion, the idea of a satisfying meal served in the comfort […]

    Mouth Melting and Drooling Pizza “DOMINOS” at Aashima Mall

    New Delhi : Tempting and soul satisfying pizza from the makers “Dominos”, who satisfy all the craving for pizzas, is now at your nearest Aashima Mall, Hoshangabad road, Bhopal. Dominos in Aashima Mall will delight all your taste buds by providing the best pizzas in the world. Aashima Mall who always works towards providing their […]

    Add an extra zing to your get-together with Corelle’s super six offer

    Mumbai : If you’re looking to host a glamorous party this summer, or simply add some extra pizzaz to a special occasion, look no further as Corelle’s newly launched “SUPER SIX OFFER” is the best place to get started. For all those women who are proud of their culinary skills and most significantly those who […]

    Club Rhino launches New Menu

    New Delhi : With monsoons around the corner and the city pouring rains, Club Rhino has launched its new menu with a wholesome soups, salads and appetizers married with selection of aromatic spices and an entirely new and exotic repertoire of dishes that will be sure to excite the palate and leave one wanting more, […]

    World on Table at Elf Cafe Lounge

    New Delhi :  How about having a soup from Scotland, Salad from turkey , Appetizer from Spain , Main course from Italy and a dessert from France. ELF Cafe Lounge brings together various specialty cuisines from across the world with diverse tastes and flavours from different regions. The chef at Elf cafe lounge has taken […]

    A Popcorn Evolution

    Bored of same old plain butter popcorn? 4700BC, India’s First Gourmet Popcorn Brand, brings to you popcorns in more than 18 evolved flavours in Cheese, Caramel, Chocolate and Candy categories. You can choose from Italian Herbed Golden Cheese, Tex-Mex Salsa Golden Cheese, Magical Rainbow Potpourri to Nutty Tuxedo Choco-All-Ate. Like 4700BC has flavours for all, […]

    Costa Coffee launches ‘Costa Ice’

    New Delhi : International Coffee chain Costa has launched Costa Ice, an amazing new range of deeply refreshing drinks from Costa, designed to keep one ice cool and revitalized in the heat, has been launched across Costa outlets in the country. Costa Ice comes in a range of flavours and vibrant colours, designed to provide […]

    Dimsum Dozen at Chi

    Offerings from your favorite Pan Asian restaurant – Chi just got more sumptuous with the Dimsum Dozen offer. Chi invites you to enjoy 12 pcs of your favorite steamed dumplings, chosen from over 12 different varieties on offer. The offer includes both Vegetable and Non Vegetable dumplings that are great on taste and splendidly light […]

    Introducing Mango Paradise @ Swensen’s

    Bangalore : Global ice cream brand Swensen’s has served up an irresistible treat for Mango lovers in Bangalore with their Mango Paradise range of Sundaes. On offer are three exotic Mango based treats which include two Sundaes and a Smoothie – Mango Smoothie, Mango Boat and Mango Hurricane. Mango Smoothie is made from blended Mango […]

    Top Up Summer Salads with Chilled Beer Raasta

    As summer bears down on you with the mercury soaring, refresh yourself with salads and chilled beer. Raasta offers salads containing select mixed greens, elegant toppings, and choices galore. This summer enjoy salads that are hearty, delicious and full of color and flavor. You can choose from the flavorsome and healthy salads as the dedicated […]