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  • Wednesday, September, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:32:06
  • Families in Asia Struggle to Support Children and Parents

    A new study has found that more Asian families are struggling under the pressure of simultaneously supporting their children and ageing parents. Longer lifespans and women bearing children at a later age have increased the number of Asia’s so-called “sandwich generation,” said the study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). “Across the region, many members […]

    Priyanka Chopra to promote child and adolescent rights

    Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra will support UNICEF in promoting child and adolescent rights. The signing ceremony in this regard will be held in New Delhi on 10th August, UNICEF Representative to India, Karin Hulshof, said in a statement issued in Mumbai on Friday. UNICEF Ambassadors are celebrities with a commitment to improving the lives of […]

    Savvy Wigs offers all kinds of artificial hair solutions

    Savvy,  an India based wigs manufacturer and exporter offers a vast range of artificial hair solutions that change the life of those people who are living without or few hairs. Apart from serving the suffering ones, some wigs products are also manufactured for fashion purposes. Its range of wigs includes men wig, doll, wig, loose […]


    Houston Texas:  Breast reconstruction helps in the re-creation of the breast with focus on its form, size, shape and structure. The procedure can be performed by skilled and experienced plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas for patients who have undergone partial or full mastectomy. The surgical procedure can also be considered by those who notice abnormalities […]

    How To Pluck Eyebrows

    Well-shaped eyebrows can change your look like nothing else. It makes you look pretty and tidy and the world drools over you. Eyebrow plucking is the most commonly opted beauty therapy by both men and women and in no less time than a week, they visit the nearby parlor to get rid of the unwanted […]

    Win Back Your Husband

    Divorce is not uncommon in our society today. It is, in fact, practiced by a lot of celebrity couples, which leads us to question the sacramental bond of marriage. It is true that all couples argue even over the simplest things. But even if you feel like you have drifted apart from each other, there […]