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  • Saturday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:59:37
  • Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious annual springtime festival celebrated by the people of India and Nepal during April or May. This celebration aims to signify the third day of unending prosperity. According to the Hindu community, Akshaya Tritiya is a sacred day wherein buying valuables is believed to bring eternal good fortune and success. It is one reason you might notice many people purchase jewellery on this day. If you also want to attract success and good luck to your life, consider buying some beautiful gemstones or fine jewellery this Akshaya Tritiya.

    Since people are busy arranging for celebrations of this auspicious festival, few may get time to decide which valuables to invest in. Hence to save your time and effort, we’ve already researched for you. You can bring home any one or more of the below-listed jewelleries to commence Akshaya Tritiya on a good note.

    1. Designer Rings

    Rings are an essential part of your attire. If you’re someone who adores gold accessories, you cannot let Akshaya Tritiya pass by without investing in some antique rings. Although antique gold-plated rings with a big diamond or pearl in the middle and small rubies or emeralds set around the edges are fashionable, you can look for some minimalist designs. These heavy rings will go perfectly with your special attire and other pieces of accessories, helping you make a statement. You can avail Akshaya Tritiya offers to get great deals on designer rings.

    1. Waistband

    Waistbands are one of the most sensual pieces of jewellery. They can be worn as a layering accessory or as a standalone item. You can also find waistbands in varying styles and lengths. So whether you’re a lover of studded jewellery or beaded jewellery, you can indeed find something similar in waistbands. They can easily be worn around the waist to emphasize your waistline and attire. It also highlights your body.

    1. Bangles

    No one needs any reminder to include these beautiful jewellery pieces in one’s Akshaya Tritiya shopping list. Bangles glide in smoothly and give your wrists a striking appearance. You can pair bangles with almost any outfit, provided you have the right bangle at home. From elegant and minimalist bangles designs to outright flashy ones- you can find endless styles and designs of bangles to choose from. You can check out the bangle collection at Melorra if you want unique bangle designs. 

    1. Necklaces

    A second piece of jewellery that is essential for a woman is a necklace. A well-made and beautiful traditional necklace works amazing for your look. The necklace is not just dazzling on your neck, but it also highlights your overall beauty. There are numerous types of necklaces available depending on your preference, like necklaces with bibs, jadavi lacha (derived from one of the Nizams in Hyderabad), etc. These types add a touch of ethereality to your appearance, so don’t overlook adding them to your jewelry-to-have list.

    1. Earrings

    If you are wearing a stunning pendant or necklace, it’s crucial that you don’t allow your ears to be bare. Your earring should go with the necklace and the other pieces of jewellery; however, it doesn’t have to be bulky or overly imposing. An earring is something that you wear all day, therefore, it’s essential to pick one that is lightweight enough that you are able to wear it for a long time. After you’ve decided what your comfort level is then you can play around with the styles. 

    Though there are many other jewellery pieces you can consider buying this Akshaya Tritiya, the ones mentioned above won’t let you down. So go ahead and start your Akshaya Tritiya shopping today.


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