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  • Monday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:04:53
  • Loaded water guns and balloons waiting to find its next potential target. Faces being smeared with resplendent colours against flashing-white teeth. Children and elderlies running, dancing, playing alike, stuffing their mouths with sweets and drinks. There are no brownie points for guessing it right – yes, it is time for Holi!

    Fun, frolic, and food are at the very heart of Holi. And as we very enthusiastically gear up to celebrate the festival of colours, why not make some thoughtful choices too! Like protecting the skin from abrasive paints by opting for organic colours, eating right to ward off the sniffles of changing season, swapping gujiyas and other sweet delicacies with nutritious foods like almonds. Almonds are also known to be the gift of good health, making them a great gift to share with friends, family and loved ones.

    Nisha Ganesh, Tamil Actress and Celebrity said, “An important part of the festivities is exchanging gifts, and I make it a point to share gifts which promote a healthy lifestyle. Almonds have been and continue to be a top choice for me as they are versatile and nutritious. They can be easily included in various Indian recipes, eaten as a snack when hungry, or served to guests as a part of the festive spread. Added to that, almonds are also known to provide immunity supporting nutrients like zinc, folate, vitamin E and iron, which makes them a great gift for anyone and everyone.”

    Sheela Krishnaswamy, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, said, “As we continue to stay safe during this pandemic, it is important to keep oneself and one’s family healthy. Also, since this is a time for seasonal changes, people are more prone to cold and flu which makes it all the more important to keep our immunity intact. So, this Holi, instead of sharing sweets and savories, opt for more nutritious items like almonds. Almonds are a good gifting choice as they are known to have immunity supporting nutrients like copper, zinc, folate, iron and vitamin E[1], which make them the perfect gift to add to the receivers’ wellbeing. This Holi, be sure to share almonds with your near and dear ones, to make a small yet impactful investment in their overall health.”

    Make some thoughtful changes in your gifts this Holi by gifting your loved ones a box full of assorted almonds!


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