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  • Tuesday, May, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:08:45
  • Usher in the vibrant spirit of spring with a heartwarming brunch experience at The Market, the award-winning global dining restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore. On the 14th of April, immerse yourself in the rich flavors and traditions associated with Ugadi, Baisakhi, Gudi Padwa, and Bohag Bihu.

    Guests will be transported on a delightful culinary exploration, as The Market presents a special brunch menu that pays homage to each of these spring festivals. The menu will feature an exquisite selection of dishes, meticulously prepared by our talented chefs, showcasing the unique flavours and ingredients specific to the celebration.

    Dive into the vibrant flavors of Ugadi with a delightful spread curated by Chef Anupam Gulati, Director of Culinary. Savor the sweet and aromatic Bele Holige, a coconut lentil flatbread, and the flavorful Pachadi, a unique vegetable and lentil stew. Alongside these signature dishes, relish the tangy Pulihora, a rice dish flavored with tamarind and spices. Savor the Mavinkayi Chitranna, a flavorful stir-fry of tender eggplant, and crispy Kothmir Vada, fritters made with coriander and spices. Don’t miss the hearty Beans Palya, cooked beans seasoned with coconut and spices, and finish your festive exploration with the sweet and creamy Hesaru Bele Payasa, a dessert made with lentils and coconut milk.

    Beyond the culinary delights, The Market will be transformed to capture the essence of these spring celebrations. Vibrant colours, lively music, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere will set the stage for a truly memorable brunch experience.

    When: Sunday, 14th April, 2024

    Where: 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm at The Market, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore

    What: Solar New Year Brunch

    Price:   Non-Alcoholic Brunch: 3299 plus taxes

    Alcoholic Brunch: 3999 plus taxes

    Champagne Brunch: 4999 plus taxes

    Reserve: 9035416155 & 9741035124


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