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  • Sunday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:14:41
  • ~India’s largest organized avenue for the most accurate gold return value~

     Bengaluru : White Gold, a vision of a young entrepreneur that aimed to simplify the process of gold buying for instant money, celebrates its 5th anniversary. With an unparalleled structure in place, the brand has a strong customer base of over 5 lakh customers and is growing.

     India’s cultural history has always involved the possession of gold in various forms as an indispensable part of every household. Being passed down through generations, investments in gold hold sentimental and religious values and are considered safe. However, with developments in the industry and increased demand for new-age investment options, the country lacks an organized system that provides instant liquidity for gold while maintaining absolute safety and transparency.

    To cater to this very issue, the journey of White Gold began in the year 2017 when founder Rahul Joseph established 5 branches in Bangalore in an attempt to provide unmatched gold-buying services. With the latest technology in gold testing, live gold rates sourced from MCX India, a 3% standard transaction fee with no minimum value, and highly trained staff, the company has successfully managed to simplify this once cumbersome process with a thorough structure in place, with the aim to serve the masses.

     “The goal was to help people who wanted to sell gold by providing them with liquidity for their emergency money requirements and offering a fair value for their gold. This venture soon turned successful and cracked the gold-buying industry. Over the years, White Gold has started consolidating the gold buying industry with its organized work process, 100% transparency, advanced spectrometer machinery, and world-class branch infrastructure,” says Joseph.

     Being the pioneer in the industry, in merely three years White Gold saw unprecedented growth and generated revenues of over 150 crores annually. Soon, it became the largest organized gold buyer with branches set up across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Today, White Gold has more than 50 branches spread across South India with multiple services offered including the release of pledged gold from banks/other financial institutions, providing the best price for your gold and free gold valuation for customers across all its branches.

    With several upcoming branches under work across South India, White Gold has set the bar high with its future prospects. Soon, the venture plans to expand the 3-state network to include several other states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Besides scaling the business, the team is also constantly looking for ways to make the process even more convenient for customers.


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