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  • Celebrating the Mosaic of Womanhood: International Brands Spotlighting Women’s Unique Traits

    Published on April 9, 2024

     In the world of fashion, women have forever been the vibrant threads that weave together the fabric of style, influencing trends, and dictating the rhythm of the sartorial symphony. Conversely, fashion, like a skilled maestro, conducts its symphony, influencing the psyche and persona of women across the globe. It is a harmonious interplay, where the expression of womanhood finds resonance in the garments that drape their forms, and in turn, the myriad hues of femininity inspire designers to craft creations that celebrate the diverse essence of womanhood. One such grandeur event that embraced all shades of a woman was recently held in Moscow: Moscow Fashion Week. It’s an international event that brought together designers from not just Russia but Brazil, Indonesia, China, India, Turkey, South Africa, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Egypt.  Moscow has once again become a focal point for designers from all over the world, uniting a variety of creative views and ideas, which were vividly and diversely expressed.

    Exploring the Multifaceted Inner World of Women

    A Moscow-based brand called XakaMa is a bastion of haute couture that revels in unraveling the enigmatic layers of femininity. With their latest women’s collection, XakaMa unfurled a panorama of diversity at the Moscow Fashion Week, celebrating the myriad facets of the feminine psyche. From romantic ruffles juxtaposed with grunge-style prints to understated hues intermingling with vibrant bursts of color, each ensemble serves as a testament to the kaleidoscopic nature of womanhood. Tulle skirts contrasted with cargo pants, while asymmetric necklines danced with detachable collars, forming a mesmerizing mosaic of design. The runway, a canvas of creativity, showcased an eclectic array of designs ranging from asymmetric office shirts to meticulously tailored vests, from oversized pinstriped jackets to metallic-hued coats, each piece a brushstroke in the masterpiece of female expression.

    Celebrating Women Scientists

    Dear Passenger N. from Saint Petersburg takes inspiration from the annals of history to craft a collection that pays homage to the pioneering women of science. Designer Ekaterina Kibovskaya, in her pursuit of reimagining the modern woman’s wardrobe, draws inspiration from luminaries such as Sofya Kovalevskaya and Marie Curie. The collection, a harmonious fusion of past and present, juxtaposes feminine elements with restrained oversized cuts, echoing the practical yet unique style of these trailblazing women. Through free-flowing silhouettes, Mendeleev-inspired appliques, and semi-transparent materials, Dear Passenger N. invites women to embody the spirit of scientific inquiry while exuding effortless elegance.

    Raising a Toast to Rebellion

    A Moscow-based brand, DISOBEDIENCE, emerged as a beacon of defiance, challenging the status quo with its bold and unapologetic aesthetic at the Moscow Fashion Week. For the brand, rebellion is not merely a concept but a way of life, reflected in asymmetrical silhouettes, elongated sleeves, and a dark, brooding color palette. The latest collection eschews traditional norms, embracing asymmetry and elongation to craft garments that defy convention. From floor-length skirts to oversized bombers, DISOBEDIENCE invites women to embrace their inner rebel, celebrating the beauty of nonconformity.

     A Royal Affair: Celebrating Real Princesses

    From the romantic city of Saint Petersburg, SASHINA DESIGNER LABEL transported the spectators to a world of fairy tales and enchantment with their collection, “Aurora.” Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of the northern lights and the timeless charm of princesses, the collection embodies the essence of regality and grace. Puff sleeves, playful ruffles, and airy hems evoke images of princesses from folklore, while kimono-style dresses pay homage to iconic princess characters. Crafted from sumptuous natural materials and presented in versatile shades, each garment serves as a testament to the enduring allure of fairy tales and the timeless elegance of womanhood.

    Dramatic Looks: A Captivating Showcase of Style

    Adding a touch of Spanish flair, Moscow brand Leffers unveiled their ‘Modern Carmen’ collection at the international ‘RUSSIA EXPO’ at VDNH, the famous architectural landmark. Featuring voluminous skirts, veils, tailored silhouettes, and a color palette of red and black, the collection directly references the iconic character from a well-known opera. Astrakhan brand GURVICH showed a collection of cocktail dresses, focused on monochrome and classic colors: milky white, red and black. It included feminine silhouettes, pearly fabrics and lace. The show was closed by a model wearing a dress made of transparent fine mesh with a voluminous floral applique along the entire length.

    Final Say

    In the world of fashion, many international brands continue to champion the cause of diversity, celebrating the myriad shades of womanhood with each stitch and seam. From the avant-garde designs of XakaMa to the rebellious spirit of DISOBEDIENCE, these brands invited women to embrace their individuality and celebrate the beauty of being truly themselves at the two iconic locales in Moscow: the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ and the international RUSSIA EXPO at VDNH.        

    Moscow Fashion Week solidifies its status as a premier international event in the fashion industry. The Fashion shows were attended by 60 000 residents and guests of the capital while online broadcasts gained more than five million views.


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