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  • Cemo Basen: Short Video Creator To Full-time Star

    Published on December 5, 2021

    In this era of Technologies and Digitalisation, many creative minds have gained luck for their skills and talents in their profession. Among these all creative people there is Cemo Basen, Who is also a well known social media star and who has gained success as an influencer and actor. He has worked in Fox5dc. Let’s not talk about his success and stardom life first but we should also mention how his childhood was how he changed his life from a rags to riches.

    Cemo Basen is a name given by his polish friend Haina when he was in the UK. His life was full of problems and poverty. Both of his parents were tailors.

    Cemo completed his education in Information Technology then back to Dubai for searching for a job. As he was the oldest child of the family he had more responsibilities and he focused mainly on making his family condition suitable than pursuing his dream. When their condition of finance was stable enough he moved to the United States to pursue his dreams as an actor. He always says that Johnny Depp is his mentor and he used to watch his movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean Sea’.

    His friends knew his talent and made a bet with him in which he lost, and in the end, he uploaded his video on Social Media. Vlada and Darya are his best friends from Ukraine.

    Cemo got famous overnight by a few of his videos which got viral and without him knowing his follower’s increase rate was getting higher who appreciated his work. He is a social media celebrity now. Everything was a surprise for him but he was also proud and thankful to everyone who supported him. His videos have a South Asian essence in them. He wants to entertain and make their follower laugh.

    Cemo had been selected for a Netflix series “Circle” in the UK but he was not able to travel because of some personal reasons but he tried to get back in the game. He is selected for a background role in “Stranger Things” new season.

    Cemo also got an opportunity to run for the Mr DC Pegeant for 2022. He wasn’t sure about his modelling skills and had no experience. But after meeting with Jeananne Roberts (Mrs DC 2021) he decided to participate. After that, he started practising and polishing his modeling skills. As his belief in seizing opportunities for his success, he wanted to grab this opportunity too with his hard work. He planned out a diet plan and started the gym to have the desired physics for the contest. Also to know more about the world he started reading books and watching Youtube videos for better knowledge.

    Cemo started a series on Instagram named “Raising An Influencer” which has 10 episodes now. This series is inspired by his life. According to Cemo, this series might have a second season too this series will be inspired by Game of Thrones which will make his followers laugh and be entertained.

    The most exciting and thrilling opportunity for him is “Lanistar” which is a polymorphic payment card for those who know influence is the only currency that matters. Cemo is one of the influencers who is supporting and chosen for promoting this “Lanistar”.

    Lastly, Cemo has a special message for his followers, “Don’t compare your life with others on social media. Everyone has their own journey. You can trudge your own path of success. Just don’t give up no matter what. Keep your head up and keep moving forward always!”. As he had a traumatic and full of poverty childhood he always tries to maintain his passion and work hard for his Dreams. When he got backlashes and trolls from some people he wanted to show them how he is just an ordinary person who is trying to achieve his dreams and live a good life. His life is a motivation for many youngsters.


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