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  • CENTA Partners With The CCS Dharampal Fellowship Program To Upskill Educators In India

    Published on June 3, 2022

    CENTA (Centre for Teacher Accreditation) is announced as the training partner for the CCS Dharampal Fellowship Program to train teachers in advanced 21st-century skill-sets and tools to provide quality education for children across India. The prestigious program is the brainchild of the Centre for Civil Society and is sponsored by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Asia.

    As part of the selection process for the Fellowship, 100 candidates (shortlisted from all applicants) will appear for the CENTA® Teaching Quotient (TQ) test on June 11, and the results will be declared on July 4. Based on their performance, 40 candidates will be selected for the Fellowship Program. The training sessions will commence in July and end in August, culminating in assessments towards their certification. The final results will be declared on September 5.

    The CCS Dharampal Fellowship Program will employ a pyramid model that is structured to provide strategies for laying a stable foundation and promoting healthy socio-emotional development in a child. This approach enables the personalization of the learning program to meet the needs of individual learners. The program will include in-depth training in: i) Lesson Planning, ii) Personal Mastery, iii) Public Speaking, iv) Story Pedagogy, v) Videography and Video editing, vi) Socio-emotional learning, vii) National Education Policy 2020, viii) Digital Tools for Online Teaching, ix) Inclusive education and development of Scientific Temperament in Children.

    CENTA® is the official training partner for the CCS Dharampal Fellowship. CENTA® will train, skill, and motivate teachers in budget private schools to maximize their professional competencies. During the two-month program, each teacher will receive comprehensive training from CENTA®, an opportunity to get certified, a fellowship certificate from CCS, and a monthly stipend of INR 3,000. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation will offer the two best performers the opportunity to participate in a trainer program in Germany. Additionally, CENTA will provide a comprehensive training session for 1,000 teachers on a specific aspect of teaching, to be held in July-August.

    Sharing her insights on the collaboration, Ms. Ramya Venkataraman, Founder and CEO of CENTA®, said, “Centa is delighted to be partnering with CCS Dharampal Fellowship Program as their training partner in an attempt to re-build and launch some advanced skills for the educators at par with the technological transformation that has changed the dimensions in the entire education system. This program is a pragmatic approach to building a workforce (of teachers) as per international standards to keep delivering and adding to quality education. It will also help provide innumerable global opportunities to them for career growth.”

    The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is a global non-profit organization that promotes democracy, respect for human rights, economic freedom, and the rule of law and encourages education and training in these areas.

    The Centre for Civil Society (CCS) promotes social change via public policy and works in areas of education, livelihood, and policy training. They are India’s leading liberal think tank with worldwide recognition.


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