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Central hosted the first-ever digital baraat campaign on Instagram

Keeping up with the times while remising those big fat Indian weddings where baraats were fun-filled and fashionable, Central launched its Insta Baraat campaign. Giving everyone a chance to get dressed up and ready while they danced to the beats of a baraat as they logged on to the first every digital baraat.

Influencers and ever-ready baraatis were invited to join in and welcome Centrals’ newest wedding wear collection with all the glamour, fun, and frolic you typically enjoy when attending a baraat. The guest list for the first every digital baraat was filled with the trendiest names of social media, and the customized baraat track ensured everyone danced their best steps to welcome the new age of wedding baraats. At the same time, they wore Central’s latest wedding wear collection.

The more affluent influencer even showcased they’re getting dressed up the process as they got ready for the insta baraat hosted by Central. In addition, a few showed off the steps they learned, especially for the insta baraat. By having influencers invite their digital family to join in on the fashion-filled, digital baraat experience, Central managed to evolve baraat attendance from solely in-person to include everyone digitally too.

What Siddharth Gurav, Head of Digital Marketing, has to say – “Weddings

happen throughout the year. As much as people reach in time for the wedding ceremony, they miss out on the baraat. Today a wedding baraat holds a special meaning for the bride, the groom & especially their close ones. It’s one of the most memorable & irreplaceable moments in their life. There couldn’t have been a better opportunity than to a celebrate a ‘wedding baaraat’ digitally, in Centrals style that would evoke the right zeal, spirit & enthusiasm in the hearts & minds of our audience.”

On the big day of the first-ever insta baraat, Central had 40 influencers who went live, all together at the same time, attracting and energizing their audience through Instagram.

The campaign focuses on the digital way of creating memories and showcasing the brand’s online shopping experience that now includes festival and wedding wear shopping.

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