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  • Cerebra Presents First-of-its-kind Mobile Shredder E-Waste Recycling Facility

    Published on March 14, 2011

    BANGALORE: Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited has taken the first step in starting is E-Waste Cycling/management activity with the import of a Mobile Shredder from Cimelia, Singapore. Few months back Cerebra announced the launch of India’s largest e-waste recycling facility in suburban Peenya in Bangalore. With this, Cerebra has begun the first phase of its E-Waste Management Roadmap, that is separation of metals, non-metals, and processing (crushing) of PCB in the Mobile Shredder. Cerebra will send the crushed PCBs to Singapore for further processing and raw material extraction.

    Cerebra’s E-Waste facility which is coming up on a 10 acre facility will be able to handle a record 90,000 MT of E-waste per annum. This facility will be fully operational by September 2011, and will be able to recycle E-Waste completely, which means that is it will be able to extract Ferrous/Non-Ferrous metals, Precious Group Metals like Platinum, Gold and Silver, and plastic for fuel conversion in the third phase of its operations.

    Cerebra is fully geared to address the rapidly growing e-waste recycling and management market in India. According to a report by UNEP titled, “Recycling – from E-Waste to Resources“, the amount of e-waste being produced – including mobile phones and computers – could rise by as much as 500 percent over the next decade in some countries, such as India. For instance, Bangalore alone now generates about 70,000 tonnes of e-waste in a year and accounts for about obsolete 30,000 computers.

    The Mobile Shredder is capable of handling 3600 tons of e-waste. This mobile shredder is so called since it can be installed on a truck and can be taken to premises of those companies wishing to process the e-waste in front of them to ensure copyright and data protection. Cerebra is the only company having such a facility and will greatly allay fears of big corporations and other R&D companies about safe and secure destruction of their sensitive data.

    On Site Service: E-Waste destroyed at customer site with one of the self-contained mobile trucks. The customer can witness the destruction.

    Off Site Service: E-Waste picked up at customer site in Cerebra’s locked trucks are shredded in its secure facilities. The customer can also choose to drop off e-waste for destruction and/or witness destruction in one of Cerebra’s video monitored and alarmed shops.

    Electronic Waste Destruction and Recycling: Data storage devices are destroyed at Cerebra’s facilities and obsolete electronics are recycled with Cerebra’s partner Cimelia Resource Recovery Pte Ltd, Singapore.

    In August 2010, Cerebra had announced its plans to set up one of India’s largest E-Waste management facility in India. Further they also held an E-Waste Conference in Bangalore on January 12, 2011. This conference was well attended with industry leaders, various government department representatives, and representatives from the Pollution Control Board participating among others.

    Mr. Venkatesha MurthyDirector and Head of OperationsCimelia Resource Recovery Pte Ltd, Singapore says “With the installation of mobile shredder we have begun the first phase of joint technical collaboration with Cerebra and a new phase in E-waste management in India. This facility will be have one of the most technically advanced processes that we have developed in Singapore in handling e-waste and clearing zero landfills. The tie-up with Cerebra will be an exclusive one and we will manage this plant for a three year period. We are sure that this facility would be a world class production hub for generating metals from secondary sources and will have one of the finest R&D labs for work on metal analysis and extraction“.

    Mr. Gururaja K UpadhyaDirector – Technical SupportCerebra says “With the installation of the mobile shredder we have taken a major step in achieving our vision and objective of creating a cleaner and greener world. More and more corporates have green Initiatives as part of their CSR programs and this will give further fillip to the E-Waste management industry. Also the Government of India and Ministry of Environment and Forests are coming out with strict guidelines and rules for safe and proper disposal of E-Waste generated by companies. These rules will make it mandatory for companies to furnish proof and documents that their e-waste has been properly disposed“.

    Cerebra is in joint collaboration with Cimelia Resource Recovery, Singapore, that operates some of the most sophisticated electronic recycling machinery in the world ensuring all toxic assemblies (batteries, capacitors, mercury contacts etc),  are removed and correctly processed prior to PCBs and assemblies being processed for recovery of precious metals.


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