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  • Challenges Children Face: MANN KI BAAT Explores Psychosocial Issues

    Published on December 27, 2010

    New Delhi:MANN KI BAAT, Doordarshan’s popular program on Mental Health awareness, begins a new five episode series on psychosocial issues and challenges children face. The series is being aired on Doordarshan ‘National Network’ every Wednesday and Friday at 8.30 a.m. The previous series on Addictions – Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, and more has just concluded with much needed information and empowerment techniques.

    While everyone likes an active child, sometimes extremely restless, fidgety and temperamental behaviour interferes with the normal development of the child. Hyperactivity disorder is a common problem, with at least 5% of all children being affected by it. The first episode on Hyperactivity discusses the phenomenon with possible solutions for it.

    The next episode on Slow learners deals with developmental disorders in children, with particular attention to intellectual weakness. It talks about borderline mental retardation and dyslexia and simple ways to understand and help children suffering from it. The third in this series, an important aspect of one’s personality development is Self-esteem. It dictates our opinions about ourselves, our interactions with others and determines the quality of our daily lives. This episode discusses self-esteem in detail, including the impact of low self-esteem and ways to boost it.

    The fourth episode talks about the fairly recent concept of Life-Skills Education and its increasing relevance today when life is full of stress. The last area covered in this segment is Study Skills and Memory Enhancement. It focuses on how academics today have become a constant headache for parents with children complaining of a lack in concentration and poor retention ability. This episode gives useful information on effective studying techniques that can easily be applied by children to perform better academically.

    ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is aired every Wednesday and Friday at 8.30 a.m. on Doordarshan National Network. The five episodes on ‘Psychosocial Issues of Children’ will be aired starting Wednesday, December 29th onwards.

    Program website: www.mannkibaat.com