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  • Friday, October, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:14:47
  • Healthcare is a very important sector when we are trying to shape up the economy of any country. Until and unless people have affordable healthcare, they cannot have the right standard of living to boost the economy. Hence, let’s look at the various challenges, which institutions face in providing proper healthcare in India.

    Lack of Awareness

    When it comes to healthcare, there are a lot of discrepancies especially in a country, which has a population of 1.3 billion and is the second-largest nation, by population.

    When it comes to being acquainted with the basic human amenities and rights, the majority of the population lacks behind and this has resulted in the rural and semi-urban people lead a simplistic life-style. If you ask people about what medical insurance is, I am sure you will not find the correct answer, from all.

    Hence, awareness is a major aspect, which stops people from having the quality of life they should live. People are highly unaware about the importance of medical insurance, and usually do not plan their medical expenses or think about the ways in which they can easily get their life insured so that they do not aggravate any problems with respect to their health.

    Lack of Access

    Although people may not be completely aware of the healthcare benefits, they also do not have access to the same. When it comes to a country like the USA or UK, it is a must for all their citizens to have proper medical insurance. However, when it comes to India, people are usually ignorant and they do not believe in these instruments, as they think it is not worth it.

    Also, it is a function of the perspective of the people, too. Accessibility is only channelized properly if and only if you are ready to believe in it. This pandemic has made people realize how much healthcare is important, and still, you will not find everyone, being readily active to buy policies related to healthcare.

    The demography of the population also does a trick to the same. In the rural areas, which completes the majority of the population, people are still reliant on their Ayurveda and home-sciences for medical remedies and often tend to visit their local herbologists and sages, when they are sick.

    Lack of Human Power

    The healthcare industry is also strained due to lack of resources, manpower, and of course, infrastructure. Even though there is a rising trend of investments coming in the healthcare industry, still, there is a fundamental scarcity of skilled human resources, which drives the industry forward.

    According to a recent survey, the Indian doctors to patients’ ratio stands at 1:1456, whereas the WHO recommends 1:1000 for best medical practices. And, that is not just the end of it, the compensation in the field is such that there are strikes during the most important of days, and the institutions become toothless.

    The lack of human power and the availability of resources was best noticed when India recorded the death toll of close to 84000 people during this pandemic. This is an alarming cry and the government has finally understood the need for a good infrastructure of the healthcare industry to do justice to the nation!

    Lack of Affordability

    According to a recent survey, close to 85.9% and 82% of rural and urban households have no access to healthcare. And, this is primarily because healthcare is not affordable in India. This usually arises due to inequality in income distribution.

    The per capita income of individuals is not such that they can afford healthcare. One of the major reasons why this happens is because the infrastructure is lacking, and it is not completely reachable to people.

    Even though the statistics speak that proper healthcare is completely absent in India, still, there are a lot of companies, which are trying to make things structured in the industry. PharmEasy, Zoylo are some of the companies that have come up with smart tech-oriented solutions for its easy telehealth services. If someone has access to the internet, they can easily avail of these services and get their healthcare essentials home delivered at affordable prices.

    With the industry going forward, it is only a matter of time until companies overcome these challenges and resort to providing the best healthcare in India.