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  • Chandan Prasad Sahoo: The young entrepreneur who taught many aspiring minds about SEO and still counting

    Published on May 27, 2021

    Search Engine Optimization one such area which can send your business from zero to skyrocketing heights. Search Engine optimization has helped many companies to get the audience reach in very little time. The technique involves some major steps to be taken while defining the content of your pages, and these techniques will help you to reach a maximum number of clients. The Big MNCs sole fully depends on the SEO techniques to rank their sites and which is why they focus more on their digital marketing segment.

    Chandan Prasad Sahoo, born and brought up in Odisha, is an award-winning blogger and a Digital marketing cum SEO specialist. He spends most of the time discussing and assessing about all the latest technologies out there. He is an award-winning Hindi blogger and also has a YouTube channel with over millions of subscribers. Apart from this, he also runs a full-time digital marketing business, and his clients being the top MNCs from across the world. Chandan Prasad Sahoo is a well-known gadget freak and thrives on creativity every time. Chandan can communicate in Hindi, English, Odia, and quite another handful of languages.

    His journey began back in 2011 where he started his first blog with the help of blogger under the alias hackeruniversity.in SEO is one of the key features of Digital Marketing, and he knew very less back then. He met Imran Uddin, who is a renowned expert in Search Engine Optimisation. He started to learn and gather information about Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing.

    In 2013 he received his first cheque from Google Adsense, and at that time, he was also pursuing his Master’s from a recognized University. In 2014 HindiMe.net came into existence, and since then, he has earned over 2 billion views from all his blogs till date. He was not alone as his friends Sabina and CM Sharma also supported him deeply.

    In 2016 his creativity and dedication paid off as he won the Question Hub Gold Award. It was a competition powered by Google Question where more than 500 Hindi bloggers participated, and he was selected to be the best among them. He was also invited for an interview with the famous YouTuber Satish K, which was featured on Satish K YoutubeChannel. People began to recognize him after that, and lots of people started approaching to garner knowledge about Hindi Blogging. He began posting videos of digital marketing on his YouTube channel known by the alias Hindi Me Jankari which has a user base of more than a million viewers.

    Chandan Prasad Sahoo is a dedicated blogger and Vlogger now, and he is quite popular in this Niche. Not only this, he is one of the most respected and recognized Hindi bloggers across the world. He has a dream to teach every person who thrives on seeking knowledge on Blogging and Digital marketing. Till date he has helped many NGOs and helped numerous needy even during the Pandemic times. He is the perfect example of a humble person and is an expert at what he does. He inspires many aspiring minds who thrive on outdoing in blogging, Digital Marketing, and Vlogging.–


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