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  • Monday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:05:39
  •  Chandigarh’s iconic railway station is undergoing a remarkable transformation, poised to set a new standard in railway infrastructure. The redevelopment project, undertaken as a prototype for future railway stations across India, is progressing well and is expected to be completed within the deadline. Spearheaded by Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) the project is designed to expedite construction through modular design and prefabricated components, drawing inspiration from best practices worldwide while minimizing disruptions to railway operations.

    The redevelopment progress of the Chandigarh Railway Station is advancing steadily across various key areas. Starting with the station buildings, notable achievements include the Panchkula side station building, where the overall progress stands at an impressive 75%. Essential groundwork such as foundation and framework is complete, while fabrication, erection, and slab casting are nearing completion. Plumbing and MEPF work are currently in progress. Similarly, the Chandigarh side station building has seen significant strides, with an overall progress of 65%. The foundation and framework stages are completed, and deck sheeting and slab casting are well underway.

    In terms of infrastructure enhancements, the air concourse and foot-over bridges are making notable headway. Foundation work for the air concourse across different platforms has been completed, with fabrication completed and materials ready for installation. Meanwhile, foot-over bridges, essential for passenger convenience and safety, are seeing significant progress in foundation work and structural assembly.

    Efforts to develop parking areas on both the Chandigarh and Panchkula sides are progressing steadily, with approximately 32% and 48% completion, respectively. Furthermore, roof sheeting on platforms and refurbishment of platforms are advancing, ensuring a more conducive environment for passengers. Lastly, sub-station work is nearing completion, with the foundation work on the Chandigarh side reaching 90%.

    “We are excited to witness the transformative journey of the Chandigarh Railway Station redevelopment project. As it progresses towards completion, it stands as a testament to RLDA’s commitment to innovation and excellence in railway infrastructure. The project’s modular design approach and seamless integration of modern amenities reflect the vision for creating world-class transportation hubs that prioritize passenger comfort and convenience. We look forward to unveiling a reimagined Chandigarh Railway Station that not only meets the evolving needs of travelers but also serves as a beacon of architectural brilliance for future railway developments across the nation” said Ved Parkash Dudeja, Vice Chairman, RLDA

    As part of the holistic approach, the project encompasses the development of parking areas on both sides of the railway station. With the total area set to increase from 13,720 sqm to 24,515 sqm including dedicated parking zones for cars, three-wheelers, two-wheelers, staff, and buses will optimize space utilization and improve traffic flow.

    The Chandigarh Railway Station redevelopment project underscores a commitment to cost-effectiveness, shorter construction timelines, and a global design strategy adaptable to individual elements. As it nears completion, the project is poised to elevate passenger experience, establish new benchmarks in infrastructure efficiency, and serve as a model for future railway station developments nationwide.

    The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) is a statutory authority within the Ministry of Railways responsible for railway land development. As part of its development strategy, RLDA has four key mandates: leasing of commercial sites, leasing of multi-functional complexes, colony redevelopment, and station redevelopment. RLDA has recently awarded the station redevelopment works for Somnath, Muzaffarpur, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Ajni, Surat, Chandigarh, and Delhi Cantt railway stations, amongst others to be redeveloped on EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) model.


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