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  • Charting New Courses: Bayroute Launches Its All-New Menu With Exclusive Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Cuisine

    Published on February 27, 2024

     Mumbai  – Celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2023 and all set to leave its everlasting mark in 2024 again, Bayroute is prepared to set your tables with its new menu right from the Middle East up to the Mediterranean Sea. Ring in the New Year festivities not just with hoots, cheers and new resolutions but by indulging in some newly curated exquisite delicacies, and start your new year on a delicious note. The dining space, now synonymous with its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, cosy interiors, impeccable services and offers invites you to indulge in its new menu, featuring a wide of new classical Middle-Eastern & Mediterranean dishes from the regions of Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Lebanon and more, made with the signature Bayroute finesse and expertise- a testament to Bayroute’s dedication to excellence and constant innovation, redefining the culinary landscape every day.

    Savour the taste of authentic Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine, carefully crafted to suit the palate of each of our patrons- be it a connoisseur or somebody looking to try new things- there’s something for everyone. The menu is crafted by a careful selection of tantalising appetisers, delightful main courses and lip-smacking desserts that truly reflect the essence and vibrancy of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Taking every visitor, on a new culinary journey each time they visit, Bayroute promises a fine dining experience that transports you back to the bustling streets of Egypt, Morocco, Persia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and all its famous nooks and corners without you having to move your feet.

    Start your experience with some Bayroute Fattoush Smash Salad, a traditional Lebanese salad made with fresh greens, farm veggies, pita chips and lemon sumac dressing, or you can try the Azerbaijan Circassian Chicken salad from the Middle East, having a rich history and an even richer taste achieved by a combination of paprika, garlic, green onions, parsley and creamy walnut sauce with a hint of spice and flavour and simply served with crusty bread or two. Next up, appetize your palate with the hot mezze, the savoury Bakhtiari Kebabs, an Iranian speciality prepared with tender chicken of two different flavours, instantly melting in your mouth and creating a burst of flavours with its various spices, onions, bell peppers, brewed saffron and some lemon juice. Being home to a plethora of cuisines, Bayroute exclusively lines up a Palestinian Sambousek, a crispy, delectable pastry prepared with minced meat fillings and its magic lying in its simple ingredients, spices, seasonings and touch of garnishings. Don’t forget to indulge in Albaloo Polo, a traditional Persian dish made with sweet & savoury flavours, the vibrant colours are gained with a delicate combination of sour cherries mixed with rice and topped with saffron rice, pistachios and almonds, guaranteed to elevate your taste buds to a new level. There’s something to be said for the dessert, Pistachio Mafraroukeh a mouthwatering dessert made of layered pistachio semolina dough, homemade cream, and topped with an orange blossom sugar syrup, a perfect climax to your exquisite gastronomical journey.

    Accompanying these flavourful dishes are some lip-smacking cocktails, making it a perfect marriage of spices crafted with love and tasty elixirs. Indulge in the ‘English Cucumber & Rosemary’, a lightly sweetened gin cocktail filled with fresh cucumbers and hints of rosemary making it a deliciously crisp and refreshing drink, or soothe your senses with the in-house special Pickled Lime cocktail, sweet and tangy taking you on a new experience.

    “Bayroute’s new menu is not just a celebration but a tribute to the Middle East’s culinary legacy. We promise to keep pushing boundaries each year and, to surprise our patrons with flavours they have never experienced before. Bayroute is committed to delivering authenticity with each bite and enchanting your taste buds with only the very best.”, says Chef Ajay Thakur about the new menu launch.

    So what are you waiting for? Embark on this exquisite culinary journey today and let your tastebuds uncover their true potential and you, your next favourite!


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