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  • Tuesday, November, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:42:55
  • by Anup Biswas

    Haflong : The people belonging to the Kuki community celebrated Chavang Kut in several villages of Dima Hasao with traditional fervour and grandeur on Monday maintaining Covid protocol

    Chavang Kut is the major festival of the Chin-Kuki community all over the world. This festival is celebrated specially in Manipur, Assam, Tripura, Chin state in Myanmar, Delhi and in Shillong.

    This festival is celebrated after most of the harvest is over. The villagers, to show their gratitude to the almighty, sing and dance praising the Lord. In this festival, folk songs are sung with traditional dances.

    During the festival traditional dances like SAGOL PHEIKHAI, SELPANG LAM, LOMLAM, JANCHA LAM, VACOL LAM, PHEIPHIT LAM, SALU LAM, GAL LAM, SUHTA LAM, MOLKAng LAM, (stick dance) KHUL LAM were performed with the tune of musical instruments like – Gosem, Sumkon, Pheiphit, khong, Dahpi, Dahbu, selki, lhemlhei, theile etc. Though the Cavang Kut is being considered to be the major festival,other festivals like Chapphou Kut, Mim kut and lholhum kut are also there to be mentioned.

    This year at N Leikul village, some 9 km from Haflong,  Chavang Kut was celebrated with day long program also considering the vaccination status of 95% along with display of traditional items which were used in ancient days in their daily lives so that the young generation could have the knowledge of ancestral belongings..

    In the evening a grand feast was also organized aiming to maintain togetherness among fellow beings.