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  • Check deviations in Golf Edge Residence and punish the erring office bearers of the association: Film Star Dr Naresh Vijaya Krishna urges GHMC Chief City Planner

    Published on September 9, 2021

    Hyderabad: The well known film star Dr Naresh Vijay Krishna, the land owner who gave land for the development, where Golf Edge Residence, the 33 floor luxury residential complex has come up at Nanakramguda in the city on Wednesday complained to Mr. Devender Reddy, The Chief City Planner of GHMC about the gross violations, deviations carried out by few residents of the building with the connivance of Building Association office bearers.

    He along with few residents Rajkumar, former president of the association, Anupam Agarwal, Wing Commonder  (retd) Jagan Mohan, V. R Chary visited GHMC office at Tank Bund in person and handed over a complaint.  And requested the authorities to inspect the place, Assess the deviations and book the offenders.

    Later addressing a press conference at his office, next to Gold Edge in Nanakramguda along with Rajkumar, former president of the association, Anupam Agarwal, Wing Commonder  (retd) Jagan Mohan, V. R Chary said the guiding Co-operative principles have been discarded in Gold Edge Residences and there is a grave danger to human lives due to gross structural  changes by few owners.  And requested GHMC to view this seriously and rectify the situation as soon as possible before any major mishap occurs.

    Flats in Tower B 2712 and 2714 on 25th and 27th Floor are deviated and third flat is following their suit.  They have done gross structural changes and physical encroached common spaces.  As a result of which a false roof collapsed due to excessive seepage in the Sky Lounge of Tower B he said.  Several notices were served on them in the past.  But the committee chose to be silent. 

    The GHMC Building norms, fire safety norms are grossly violated. Anybody who questioned are subjected to foul and abusive language.  They are targeted and harassed to such an extent that some of them sold flats at less rate and left building.

    The deviations in the structure of the building is our grave concern.   This has already resulted in collapse of roof and seepages endangering the lives of 1500 residents, said Dr Naresh..

    Golf Edge Residence is a landmark high-rise building, a sky-scrapper of 33 floors and has 487 luxury flats.  The land for this building was given by Dr Naresh Vijay Krishna and Family for the development.  The apartment is occupied five years back.  It has a temporary association. Currently Dr. Prithi Shukla is self declared president; Mr Madhav Koneru is General Secretary and Mr Sanjay Reddy is also in the committee.

    They came into power by organising elections during the lockdown.  The election itself is Sub-judice and has been contested in the court by one of the residents, it was informed. 

    The body thus elected by dubious means never felt it necessary to formally take over from the Interim Committee.  They have unilaterally taken charge and occupied the office in blatant violation of basic ethics and process.  Few owners who were in previous committee without any formal process took charge of Finances and Administration.  This desperation and uncouth behaviour was condemned and declared completely unacceptable by all owners present unanimously in the meeting held on 29th August 2021.

    They are gross financial irregularities and misappropriation of maintenance funds collected.

    They called for a general body meeting recently in August.  50 members attended. Just 80 owners only live in the building and rest of them are tenants.  But the office bearers of the association absconded the meeting knowing that it was attended by Dr Naresh Vijay Krishna.  Now they called for a meeting again on 12th September, the very next day of the festival, knowingly well that not many will turn-up due to festivities, they chose that date, Dr Naresh said.

    They have maligned my reputation by circulating false messages in the groups.  We will fight till such time that the offenders are booked and punished.  We are also exploring all the legal courses to file cases.  I am even contemplating of filing a defamation case.  We are also gearing up to report the matter to the Registrar of the Societies Dr. Naresh Said.

    Whoever questions the General Secretary or the President is subjected to harassment, slander and public broadcast of maligning information.

    Mr. Madhav Koneru uses Association office for running his business.

    Ravi Kumar Jarupula, Ex Owner of 2705B of Gold Edge Residence was subjected harassment and mental agony by Madhav Koner for a loan recovery.  Unable to bear the trauma, he moved away from the building.

    The abusive and foul language meted out to Mr. Anupam Agarwal of flat 2710B is documented and signed by several witnesses of B-101, B-103, A-2305, A-2204 and G-2507.


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