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Check Point Software Advances API Security Supporting Enterprise Digital Transformation

 Dubai, UAE –   Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security platform provider, reinforces its Web Application Firewall with the powerful API Discovery feature, aimed at strengthening organizations’ cloud assets. This innovative tool, combined with its cloud native prevention first capabilities, has positioned Check Point as a leading performer in GigaOm’s latest Radar for Application and API Security.

Amidst mounting concerns regarding cloud security, Check Point continues to focus on preventing cyber threats and safeguarding digital assets through a prominent Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) solution. Check Point CloudGuard WAF is an integral part of the CNAPP platform, offering robust cloud web application an API security and effectively preventing attacks from infiltrating the cloud environment. Unlike traditional Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), CloudGuard WAF leverages advanced machine learning instead of relying on traditional signatures to block known and unknown attacks, ensuring real-time threat detection and protection against zero-day attacks such as Log4j and MOVEit.

For two consecutive years, Check Point has been selected as a leader. This year, GigaOm analyst Don MacVittie notes that, “the biggest strength for Check Point CloudGuard WAF/open-appsec solution is API protection earning the highest score due to its innovative API import and API discovery.” MacVittie also highlights that, “Check Point is one of several vendors that flipped from Feature Play to Platform Play,” emphasizing our collaborative Infinity Platform.  

The new API discovery feature provides organizations with comprehensive insight into their API inventory across cloud environments. It enables security teams to effortlessly identify publicly exposed or vulnerable APIs. Leveraging its AI-optimized Schema, CNAPP empowers organizations to access and enforce API security effectively, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. The significance of these capabilities is clear, as Check Point’s 2024 Cloud Security Report revealed a significant increase in cloud security incidents, from 24% in 2023 to 61% in 2024 (a 154% increase), highlighting the increasing complexity and frequency of cloud threats.

“API Discovery completes our CloudGuard CNAPP and WAF solution, offering an impressive level of protection for cloud-native applications,” said Oded Gonda, VP Technology & Innovation at Check Point Software Technologies. “By focusing on the needs of modern enterprises, Check Point provides both API Discovery and protection for known attacks as well as pre-emptive protection countering future attacks.”

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