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  • Chetan Dhir’s unending passion for music has turned him into a singer par excellence

    Published on October 27, 2021

    His mastery over the craft has the potential to make the world sit and take notice of him.

    Some extraordinary artists have reached phenomenal heights of success, and their glorious careers are attributed to their limitless desire to top their respective industries. The world of music has seen many creators who have carried an extraordinary spark in them which connects them deeply to music lovers. The kind of hysteria they have created in the most unbelievable fashion has made them emerge at the top and make a distinct mark for themselves. There have been innumerable artists who have wowed the audiences, winning hearts by presenting music in its truest form. During the past few years, many singers and musicians have risen, coming to the forefront making their mark, giving consistent music offerings which have enthralled the audiences till no end. One name which has made its prominent mark in the field of music as a singer is that of Chetan Dhir. He is one new age singing talent who is all set to spellbind the audiences with his singing.

    The outstanding music artist has within a short span of time mastered the art of singing and has evolved into a fine artist whose work has a distinct and magnetic quality to it, rare in today’s current breed of singers. He says, “Many aspiring artists want to become an overnight star but are not ready to work hard and put in all their whole efforts, which makes their journey come to a standstill once they don’t see results quickly. To go a long way one needs to have patience and keep working towards your goals, only then success is possible.” According to him, the field of music is extremely competitive and one has to be on their toes to really stand out and be noticed. He feels that to be at the top you have to really give it your all, unending hours of practice is what makes you get there as a recognized singer. That’s stands true in every sense as without dedication and focus, reaching those towering heights of success is almost impossible

    Chetan’s success in the music industry has been fuelled by his unwavering passion to succeed, as he is prepared to change the face of music for the better with his varied singing capabilities. When asked about when did he think of taking up singing as a career, he says, “music was always in my mind all these years while growing up. Whenever I got a chance, I would grab a piece of musical instrument and start humming my favouritesong on its tunes. I always dreamt of becoming a singer and worked hard towards getting my dreams to reality, spending hours in a day to master the craft, finally learning it to its core and after years of training, eventually got myself ready to take up singing as a profession.” His tryst with music began when he was a teenager, and that passion culminated and progressed significantly since then, to make him a budding artist to a singing star who is set to launch his music career in a big way. He is confident that his singing will give listeners a different experience altogether, as he has worked hard on bringing something unique which will draw in a great audience.

    He’s confident that his passion and exceptional skills in singing will definitely work wonders and get him much needed recognition. “I want to leave an everlasting impression with my singing and am confident that my craft would be remembered by many in times to come,” concludes Chetan.


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