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Chicco’s Natural Feeding Range makes breastfeeding journey easier for new moms

Every mother wants to provide the very best for her baby. Breast milk indeed is an ideal food, that is naturally designed to best meet the needs of babies. It has all the necessary nutrients, in just the right amounts for the child’s healthy growth and development.

For the first six months of life, breast milk is recommended as the infant’s sole source of nutrition as it is full of antibodies that helps promote immune system development and protects the baby against infections. To smoothen this journey for new mothers, Chicco has specially curated its “Natural Feeding” range of breast pumps including both Manual & Electric Breast Pumps; and breast-feeding accessories such as Nipple Shields, Breast Pads, Breast Wipes and Feeding bras that help empower new moms to enjoy this special experience of breastfeeding comfortably for a longer duration with total peace of mind.

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