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  • Chinese Envoy visits the Flora Expo

    Published on December 30, 2010

    Taiwan: China’s chief negotiator with Taiwan, Chen Yunlin, visited the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition on December 22 in the company of the Mayor of Taipei City Hau Lung-bin and promised the mayor to publicize the exposition’s “power of beauty” to the mainland Chinese people after returning to Beijing.

    Mayor Hau noted that since Chen was deeply impressed by the Taipei Pavilion when he visited it during the Expo 2010 Shanghai in May, he decided to invite Chen to explore Taipei.

    During his own visit to promote the Taipei Pavilion in Shanghai, Hau met with Mayor Han Zheng and brought up the idea of creating a win-win situation with Shanghai and Taipei each hosting a major international exhibition. Chen echoed the call by saying that the Taipei Flora Expo and the Shanghai World Expo are both a source of pride for people across the Taiwan Strait. Chen also said he was deeply impressed with the creativity, new technologies and care and concern for humanity displayed by the Flora Expo.

    Chen visited Taipei for three days mainly to hold the sixth round of talks with his Taiwanese counterpart, Chairman Chiang Pin-kung of the Straits Exchange Foundation. The talks also embodied the notion of win-win situation with the signing of the cross-strait medical and health cooperation agreement, he said. Chiang also accompanied Chen when the latter toured the Flora Expo, the last stop of his visit to Taiwan.