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  • Chitkara School of Health Sciences Students Return after Exchange Programme

    Published on October 20, 2010

    Chandigarh: In its endeavour to provide students with the best educational possibilities, regions leading educational institution, Chitkara University has taken yet another initiative by a student exchange programme with University of Applied Sciences, Osnabruek, Germany. The idea behind the student exchange program is to provide the students with an opportunity to think beyond geographical barriers which subsequently get transformed into mental barriers. The program is a balanced blend of guest sessions with eminent speakers and field visits to leading healthcare organizations of Germany.

    The focus of the program was to make the students aware of the trends in the international healthcare models. The German health system has provided its patients with health services which are quality driven yet cost effective.

    The program consisted of various Hospital visits that gave the students an insight into the working of German Healthcare system. It gave them the platform to interact with healthcare professionals from Germany and compare the Indian and German healthcare scenario. The Field visit included both public and private Sector hospitals having the capacity to accommodate 200 to 3000 patients.

    Various lectures by top Doctors including Prof. Dr Henrike Berger, Mrs. Hedwig Francosis Kettner, the Nursing Director, Dr. Grit-Braeseke from IEGUS (The European institute for healthcare research and social economy), Mr. Wagner, M.Sc., RbP, Vice-President of the German Council of Nursing and Dr. Kerstin Kamke were arranged on different aspects of German healthcare such as Overview of German Healthcare system, Hospital Financing and health insurance, Role of Nursing and Midwifery, Rehabilitation etc. These visits and guest lectures have enabled the students to learn about different perspectives to various key areas in Healthcare like Health Insurance & Rehabilitation. This learning in a foreign land will not only add to their experience but also help them think of new innovative ideas that could further help them contribute more efficiently and constructively to the Indian Healthcare Industry.

    The highlight of the program was visits to various hospitals and rehabilitation clinics at Berlin, Osnabrueck and Munster. University Clinic Münster, Dörenberg Clinic (specialized on orthopedic and rheumatic rehabilitation programs) Schüchtermann clinic– Heart Centre, Paracelsus clinic (Model of a private hospital working with attending physicians) to name a few.

    Carrying this student-exchange forward a group of German MBA Healthcare students and professors will also visit Chitkara University in the last week of October, 2010. They would be given an overview of Indian Healthcare system through a series of field-visits to various public and private healthcare organizations. Chitkara University would also be organizing guest lectures by eminent experts from Fortis & other reputed healthcare organizations on specific topics like Role of Public and Private sector in healthcare and emerging trends.