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  • It’s important to know what you need before purchasing a videoconferencing system, as with any other purchase. Hundreds of users may be required for a large firm, yet a small business may need one-on-one conferencing.

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    Consider these factors while choosing a video conferencing service:

    Streams of real-time video

    While many video conferencing companies claim to have meetings with hundreds or even thousands of participants simultaneously, they generally restrict the number of video streams; nevertheless, some do not restrict the number of video streams. Find out if the service affects feed speed before you make a purchase.

    Total number of participants

    Attendance at your conferences should be taken into account. If you need to contact a small number of people, you may be able to avoid paying any fees by using a service that allows you to connect with a limited number of people for free. Other services specialize in bringing together large numbers of individuals. Knowing what you need before you begin searching may save you a lot of time and frustration.

    Experience with mobile devices

    Video conferencing is used to establish remote connections with other people, especially those made possible by mobile devices. Ensure that participants have the same fantastic experience on tablets and smartphones as they do on PCs or conference room settings by testing a video conferencing service on various devices.

    Meeting types

    Depending on the type of conference you’re holding with specific high-end service providers, you can launch different rooms. Does your company host public Q&A sessions where everyone may share their thoughts? Would everyone please keep their mouths shut while giving a presentation or lecture? Make a list of the sorts of meetings you’ll be hosting frequently and look for a service provider that can accommodate all of your needs.

    Customer service

    The quality of a company’s interaction with its clients should never be undervalued. The customer service lines of the companies you’re considering should be contacted to obtain a sense of how they’ll handle you. There are times when you need a tech support line that responds quickly and effectively, with people that treat your business with the seriousness and courtesy that it deserves.


    It’s possible that recording the essential parts of a meeting could come in handy in the future. Video recording is necessary if you want to go back and examine meetings. If you’d like to provide new employees with orientation or training materials, you may use recordings of sessions. Make a plan for the amount of recording space you’ll have at your disposal. Recordings are often stored on the cloud, restricting the storage space available to each user.

    Sharing a screen

    Using screen sharing keeps the audience engaged and increases the sense of participation. You may use screen sharing to educate a remote employee on accessing specific documents more efficiently or clarifying the finer points.

    Bottom Line

    For human communication, video conferencing has an effect comparable to that of the telephone more than a century ago. Cloud-based video conferencing will only improve as it becomes an essential part of doing business in the digital age.


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