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    Christmas Festival celebrated at Haflong with Covid 19 protocol

    Published on December 26, 2020

    Christmas was celebrated on Friday at various places like Umrangso, Mahur, Harangajao and Haflong in Dima Hasao district in religious fervor but with covid protocol on Friday.

    At Haflong all most all the churches maintained covid protocol and limited the entry of the people phase wise that too as per ages. Haflong being a cosmo township the Christmas has been a festival for all celebrated from time immemorial.

    Christmas Festival commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity falls on 25th day of December every year.

    Christian community across the globe celebrates Christmas with faith, joy and enthusiasm. Celebrations for Christmas begin on the eve of Christmas on 24th December and continue till New Year’s Day.

    During this entire period people make merry, party with friends and exchange season’s greetings and gifts with dear ones.

    High point of Christmas Festival celebrations include decoration of Christmas Tree, Christmas cakes, carols, and the jolly old Santa Claus – the mythical character who brings gifts for children.

    Some families exchanged gifts and gave small presents or sweets to children. Some also put up a Nativity scene with clay figures or a Christmas tree. Christmas trees in India are usually imitation pine trees or branches of native trees or bushes.

    By Anup Biswas