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Circular Polarization Spectroscopy of Microscopic Samples

San Dimas, CA : CRAIC Technologies, a leading innovator of UV-visible-NIR microanalysis solutions, is proud to announce the addition of circular polarization spectroscopy capabilities Filter-UV-vis-NIR Polarization-1800x1200to CRAIC microspectrophotometers.  This unique feature is offered as packages that allow the user to measure the circular polarization spectra in either transmission or reflectance modes.  T he ability to measure circular polarization microspectra™ represents a powerful new tool for both materials science and biological research.

“The circular polarization package adds a powerful and unique feature set to CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometers.  Now our customers are able to measure the circular polarization spectra of samples with either transmission or incident illumination” says Dr. Paul Martin, president of CRAIC Technologies.  “Our engineers worked with our customers to create a flexible package that allows one to measure the circular polarization spectra of micron scale sample areas.  This allows for maximum versatility in experimental microspectroscopy.”

CRAIC Technology’s circular polarization package consists of optics and hardware designed to be added to CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometers.  As such, it can used to measure the circular polarization spectra in both transmission and incident illumination modes.  This unique capability is being offered with all CRAIC microspectrophotometers.  Simple to use, the package offers a new and powerful capability for CRAIC microspectrophotometers customers.

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