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  • Classics For A Cause founded by Tom Bailey is on a mission to help Aussie veterans

    Published on November 10, 2022

    Providing free medical and health awareness services, the organization is doing its bit which is highly appreciated.

    There are a lot of areas which need to be attended and various organizations across the globe have stepped in to do their bit and contribute in whatever way they can. Classics For A Cause is one such name which has been doing exceptional work in the area of helping Aussie veterans since 2019. Founded by Tom Bailey and his brother Edward, it comes across as a powerful fundraising platform which helps the country’s veterans in their own way, and at the same time gives punters a chance to win classic cars. Tom recalls how they started an online veteran community hub in 2015 to assist thousands of veterans with free health and mental health services. The idea of establishing Classics was put on paper in order to help those who couldn’t access these online programs, and to serve them in a better way through personal connect.

    Interestingly, within a span of 10 months, Classics for a Cause donated over $1million which have a great push to the organization’s standing. The way Tom has taken his fund-raising organization to such high levels of success is indeed commendable. He himself has studied and worked in community pharmacy and healthcare for 8 years, followed by working in health technology and marketing, enriching his knowledge about this area. Later he went on to establish 8 different veteran healthcare companies and co-own a national allied health company with over 600 locations across Australia. What’s more, Tom has also donated over $3million to charity through various initiatives he has created and has also been a part of 6 different charities in the past 5 years, which shows the kind of dedication he has had towards this space.

    Tom says that his sole aim is to help Aussie veterans with healthcare facilities and also empower them with adequate knowledge about the same. He wants veterans to be aware of the services he offers and access them in a streamlined manner. He is also looking at adapting modern technologies and software by investing millions of dollars per year in marketing to drive his awareness campaigns. When asked about his future plans, Tom says, “my goal is to donate over $10million dollars to veteran charities in the future and also attend to all their health requirements, and give away over 40 classic cars to supporters and open 5 veteran super clinics in the South East Queensland area to help more veterans by providing them healthcare services face-to-face. Lastly, to build more 10 more veteran medical vans and service veterans in rural and remote areas, and build 4 veteran hospitals to service veterans with higher clinical needs with in patient and out patient programs.”


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