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Cleanmax And Apple Partner To Accelerate Renewable Energy Adoption In India

 Chennai : CleanMax (Clean Max Enviro Energy Solutions), a leading renewable energy provider in Asia for the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector, is thrilled to announce a landmark joint venture with Apple. This pioneering partnership aims to bolster renewable energy projects across India, marking a significant step forward in the nation’s green energy landscape.

As part of the partnership, Clean Max has successfully installed 14.4 MW of rooftop solar installations across six industrial sites in India. These installations are expected to mitigate around 207,000 tons of CO2 emissions throughout their operational life, underscoring Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

By facilitating access to crucial renewable energy financing, the partnership is enabling industries to transition towards renewable energy sources and optimize their energy expenses. The initiative aims to accelerate the development of renewable energy projects across the country.

The collaboration is grounded in an innovative business model, where the environmental benefits accruing from the financed projects will assist Apple in addressing the emissions associated with its corporate operations in India.

In a post on the Apple newsroom, “To address its growing corporate operations in India, Apple has embarked on a joint venture with leading renewable developer CleanMax to invest in a portfolio of six rooftop solar projects with a total size of 14.4 megawatts. The added capacity provides a local solution to power Apple’s offices, its two retail stores in the country, and other operations in India. Apple first achieved 100 percent renewable energy for its global corporate operations in 2018.”

Apple also shared its commitment to its 2030 climate goal. “Clean energy and water are foundational to healthy communities and essential building blocks for a responsible business,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives. “We’re racing toward our ambitious Apple 2030 climate goal while taking on the long-term work to transform electrical grids and restore watersheds to build a cleaner future for all.”

Kuldeep Jain, Managing Director of CleanMax, shared his excitement about the venture: “CleanMax is proud of its joint venture with Apple.  Our mission is to be sustainability partner to corporates, and we consider this JV to be a big milestone in our journey. It showcases an industry-leading approach to the creation of green energy assets. The growing interest from other consumer brands in such joint ventures is a positive sign of the shift towards sustainability.”

As the country accelerates its transition towards a carbon neutral future, corporations are at the forefront of contributing to India’s renewable energy targets while realizing cost savings and enhanced energy security. In this landmark shift towards sustainable business practices, Indian corporations are spearheading this paradigm shift.

Over the years, CleanMax has emerged as a key player in aiding corporations across Asia in achieving their sustainability objectives. With a robust portfolio of 2GW of operating renewable assets and a clientele exceeding 750 spanning various industries, CleanMax has demonstrated its commitment to facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable energy landscape. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, CleanMax empowers businesses to reduce their environmental footprint and embrace carbon mitigation & renewable solutions as a catalyst for long-term sustainability and economic growth.

The collaboration between Apple and CleanMax symbolizes the importance of cross-sector partnerships aimed at addressing critical environmental challenges. It serves as a powerful example of how combined efforts can lead to innovative solutions that promote economic growth while prioritizing sustainability and carbon neutrality. 

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