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  • ClearSightZ -An almost invisible and tough lens from Titan Eyeplus

    Published on September 13, 2021

    View life in HD with greater clarity and low colour distortion Experience twice the regular scratch resistance

    Chennai : Titan Eyeplus introduces top-in-class lens under the ClearSight Portfolio with superior features. Titan ClearSightZ is an extension of the ClearSight lens introduced last year, and the upgraded offering comes with a combination of 8 new features that enable the spectacle user with a crystal clear vision.

    Titan Eyeplus continues its endeavours toward providing a hassle-free vision to its consumers with innovation at the centre of all solutions and offerings. With the best clarity and highest transparency, Titan ClearSightZ is almost colourless and invisible thus allowing others to see your eyes clearly. The lens has 99.2% clarity over a broadband light spectrum and with the lowest colour distortion that gives an HD view and shows colours in their truest form. Titan ClearSightZ protects the eyes from harmful effects of UV rays and also from the bad blue light from gadgets. The 97% transparency in ClearSightZ as compared to standard coating offers a nearly invisible lens and a better fog resistance than a standard lens.

    Mr. Saumen Bhaumik, CEO, Titan Eyeplus shares, “Spectacles are meant to empower the wearer and give them an unclouded, unhindered vision all the time. With Titan ClearSightZ lens, we bring a product innovation that is 8-in-1, so that our customers do away with everyday obstacles. ClearSightZ is equipped with features that make it an optimum option for all your indoor, outdoor activities, and with this new innovative product, we aim to change the way you see the world and the world sees you.”

    Enjoy distraction-free vision with a lens that resists smudges due to dust, water, and oil and also experience twice the regular scratch resistance which makes the spectacles last longer. Titan ClearSight Z lenses are available across the category of frames at the starting price of INR 3099/- for lenses at all Titan Eyeplus stores.