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  • Cloudflare DDoS report finds that HTTP DDoS attacks increased by 15% QoQ in Q2 2023

    Published on July 20, 2023

      Every quarter, cybersecurity and internet infrastructure company Cloudflare shares data and insights on the DDoS attack trends observed across their network, with insights on the size and volume of attacks, the industries seeing the most attacks, and emerging threats. This quarter as well, Cloudflare has released the findings of its DDoS report for Q2 2023.

    Cloudflare mitigated the largest attack in recorded history peaking at 71 million rps. For the past two quarters, the Gaming and Gambling industry was the most targeted industry in Asia. In Q2, however, the Gaming and Gambling industry dropped to second place and Cryptocurrency took the lead as the most attacked industry (~50%). Substantial portions of the attack traffic originated from Asia itself (30%) and North America (30%).

    Some notable findings for Q2 2023 include:

    ●        Attacks targeting cryptocurrency companies increased by 600%, as a broader 15% increase in HTTP DDoS attacks was observed. Of these, Cloudflare noticed an alarming escalation in attack sophistication which we will cover more in depth. After Crypto, Gaming and Gambling websites came in second place as their attack share increased by 19% QoQ. Marketing and Advertising websites not far behind in third place with little change in their share of attacks.

    ●        An increase in deliberately engineered and targeted DNS attacks alongside a 532% surge in DDoS attacks exploiting the Mitel vulnerability (CVE-2022-26143). Cloudflare contributed to disclosing this zero-day vulnerability last year.

    ●        Over the past quarter, HTTP DDoS attacks increased by 15% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) despite a 35% decrease year-over-year (YoY). Additionally, network-layer DDoS attacks decreased this quarter by approximately 14%.

    ●        Over the past quarter, the most common attack vector was DNS-based DDoS attacks — 32% of all DDoS attacks were over the DNS protocol. Amongst these, one of the more concerning attack types we’ve seen increasing is the DNS Laundering attack which can pose severe challenges to organizations that operate their own authoritative DNS servers.

    ●        Cloudflare protects more than 2,271 Non-profit organizations in 111 countries as part of Project Galileo which celebrated its ninth anniversary this year. Over the past months, an average of 67.7 million cyber attacks targeted Non-profits on a daily basis.

    Additionally, one of the largest attacks Cloudflare has seen this quarter was an ACK flood DDoS attack which originated from a Mirai-variant botnet comprising approximately 11K IP addresses. The attack targeted an American Internet Service Provider. It peaked at 1.4 terabit per seconds (Tbps) and was automatically detected and mitigated by Cloudflare’s systems. Despite general figures indicating an increase in overall attack durations, most of the attacks are short-lived and so was this one. This attack lasted only two minutes. However, more broadly, we’ve seen that attacks exceeding 3 hours have increased by 103% QoQ.

    Dive into the full report here and let us know if you’d like to speak to a spokesperson about the most recent findings.


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