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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:10:42
    • Ayurvedic goodness to nourish, soothe & moisturize the skin

    New Delhi: Clovia, India’s leading brand for women’s innerwear, loungewear, and personal care has recently introduced an array of body washes under its personal care range, Clovia Botaniqa. Available in twelve variations, the range of body washes in refreshing aroma are made of natural ingredients. 

    The twelve unique formulations of body washes have natural cleaners and an enhanced fragrance that leaves the skin exceptionally soft and nourished. These body washes are made with the goodness of aloe vera, teak wood, green tea, pomegranate, blueberries, apples, basil extracts, shea butter, moringa, lavender, and ayurvedic ingredients like mulethi, turmeric, neem, etc. The natural and enriched extracts of these ingredients rejuvenate and restore the elasticity of the skin, ideal for all skin types.

    Clovia Botaniqa body washes are enriched with the goodness of the essential oils that provide a relaxing and soothing effect to the skin. Starting with a range of INR 400 each body wash comes with carefully picked ingredients and nourishes different skin types. These body washes also come in mini packs ideal for travellers. As a conscious effort, all these body washes are free of chemicals, toxins, paraben, or sulphate to maintain a healthy and nurturing skin. 

    Speaking on the new addition to the Botaniqa range, Neha Kant, Founder, Clovia said, “With our Botaniqa range, we wanted to bring back the old granny’ regime of skincare by using all-natural products. Body washes are an extension of our range that is carefully curated to the needs of today’s new women. From picking the ingredients to sizing, comfortable packaging all have been kept in mind to deliver the ayurvedic goodness for nourishing, soothing, and moisturizing the skin with natural ingredients.    

    The Clovia Botaniqa range encapsulates varied choices from oils, body butters, face washes, face masks, shampoos, conditioners, and serums. Carefully curated for the needs of women and new moms, the range also offers solutions for the problems faced during and post-pregnancy such as hair-fall, tired/dull skin, stretch marks, dryness, acne as well as stress. The latest range is available Clovia website and Clovia’s retail outlets. 

    Highlights on Body washes:

    Clovia Botaniqa Lavender Body wash with Aloe vera and Basil extracts – Promotes calmness and wellness. The aromatic fragrance of lavender soothes your senses and improves blood flow. The rich combination of aloe vera, basil extracts, turmeric and mulethi improves skin texture and provides the right dosage of antioxidants needed.

    Clovia Botaniqa Teak Wood Body wash with Grapefruit and Basil – Contains  anti-inflammatory properties and is cooling in nature. It has a refreshing effect to relieve fatigue and energize. It makes skin irresistibly soft and leaves a mild lingering fragrance.

    Clovia Botaniqa Lemon Body wash with Pomegranate & Basil – Hydrates your skin and gives you instant freshness. It nourishes and moisturizes your skin, leaving you feeling fresh throughout the day. It is enriched with lemon, pomegranate, papaya, neem, and turmeric so your skin receives the maximum goodness of nature.

    Clovia Botaniqa Orchid Body wash with Pomegranate & Orange –  Enriched with apple, orange and pomegranate extracts that give a healthy-looking radiance to the skin. Enriched with ingredients like turmeric and basil, it works on spots and scars to give a flawless skin tone.

    Clovia Botaniqa Gardenia Body wash with Blueberries & Apples– Enriched with fruit extracts, this body wash relaxes and rejuvenates your senses. It reduces anxiety, improves your mood, and protects you from bacterial infections.

    Clovia Botaniqa Witch Hazel Body wash with Green Tea & Basil Extracts–  Controls excess oil and tightens the skin pores. It has antibacterial properties that gently treat skin rashes and infections. Rich in vitamin C, it gives radiance to the skin and makes skin look bright and youthful.

    Clovia Botaniqa Moringa Body wash with Neem & Aloe Vera– Highly rich in vitamin C and E and is packed with antioxidants. It reverses the signs of aging, repairs dull and damaged skin, and provides a complete skin rejuvenation experience.

    Clovia Botaniqa Vanilla Body wash with Papaya & Turmeric- Enriched with vanilla, aloe vera, pomegranate, papaya, neem, and turmeric to give your skin a wholesome balance of antioxidants and vitamins. It revitalizes your skin and deeply nourishes it while adding a long-lasting freshness to your daily bathing routine.

     Clovia Botaniqa Green Apple Body wash with Papaya & Pomegranate- Refreshes you and tantalizes your senses with its fruity freshness. It is rich in neem and turmeric that fight skin infections and the fruit extracts are a rich source of antioxidants that keep your skin healthy and young.

    Clovia Botaniqa Orange Body wash with Basil & Grapeseed- An instant burst of freshness while awakening your senses. It exfoliates and deeply hydrates the skin. It aids in the cell renewal process and prevents signs of ageing. It also protects the skin from damage and keeps infections at bay.

    Clovia Botaniqa White Musk  Body wash with Neem & Turmeric- Refreshes and deeply cleanses the skin. Enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, turmeric, and neem, this body wash penetrates deep into the skin, to provide it with nourishment and a natural glow like never before.

    Clovia Botaniqa British Tea Rose  Body wash with Aloe Vera & Orange peel powder- Infused with the goodness of orange, green tea, and neem. It rejuvenates & refreshes you while making the skin feel soft and nourished.