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  • CNN-IBN Exclusive Interview With Sitaram Yechury

    Published on March 24, 2015

    CNN IBN-The Prime Minister say you are misleading the people of India by reumer and this for some political reason. say?

    seetram yechuriSitaram Yechury – Where are we misleading? If the old land bill that legislated after 5 old year’s discussion in earlier parliament if that is being changed then we are just pointing out why these changes? If that is misleading then I can’t understand and I am sure the country will also not understand. Because in crucial areas there been changes there are proposing

    CNN IBN– The govt defences there are certain lacunas of UPA craft and so they are trying to address those concern and trying to fix those problems. According to you which is better law UPA or NDA?

    Sitaram Yechury -If that was the case why did they support the bill in earlier parliament? Why did they go for entire process of discussion for 5 long years and then when bill came up for discussion in parliament we moved amendments, they didn’t support our amendments. We wanted the bill to be much stronger in terms of providing rights and guarantee to our kisans .But, those amendments was defeated as BJP and Congress came together. Now if the BJP had agreed and voted with the congress, within the span of 6 months they have changed? What are the lacuna the couldn’t identify earlier? What are these lacuna which they couldn’t identify earlier and they voted for this bill and why are they calling them lacuna now?

    CNN IBN– The 2013 act has put 13 aspects of govt activities like expansion of road & highways, railway tracks out of the ambit the ease which absently means that the compensation that would be given would be on the basis of that hundred year old law, the govt defence against is that maximum amount of expansion happens in these segments, hence they are being pro farmers?

    Sitaram Yechury -The earlier list has been expended now by this govt, now we have moved an amendment. that list that every piece of land that will be accrue in the country would be accoutre on the basis of the new law, that was our amendment earlier. Now that BJP & the cong together rejected.The argument then was that no we have very sensitive instillations, we should not exposed these instillation..to the enemies across the border and therefore we will not make entirely public and those sought of land and these other 13 earlier bills is not for the highways but for the nebular installation downwards every one of them. Now if that was the case the amendment removed to these 13 or at least reduce them substantially so that our farmers get the proper and adequate benefit. That was rejected than no why the sudden thought now that there are lacuna and this list has to expend.

    CNN IBN– Are you saying that UPA draft was better than NDA?

    Sitaram Yechury -Of course It was even though we was not satisfied with that draft. We think it can be still better. The point is better compared with what NDA bringing in and it is clear what lacuna they are talking about the fight that international corporate and domestic corporate have both in renounces is impossible to acquire land for industry with this law is the point. That you have made our compensation and rehabilitation for our farmers who lose their lifeline by their land is acquired, give them an alternative lifeline. What is this law all about. Now they want to dilute that now. having supported the earlier law. So tell me who is misleading whom?

    CNN IBN–You are standing with the UPA now, How do you forget what Manmohan Singh has said that the left has failed to keep pace with changing time and is responsible for slowing down the growth of UPA, now the NDA is accusing you of being obstructionist.


    Sitaram Yechury -Why this question reputedly being forced when everybody knows the answer. I have figuratively explained this in the parliament itself. The seat i occupied is the same seat I occupied when Dr Manmohan Singh was PM. They change sides, i remain where I am. My objection will remain what there is. My opposition remain what it is because i am pleading the interest of our farmers and to a large extent in the interest of our country.

    CNN IBN– you are saying that this govt is pro-corporate, that what you said but is the opposition feeling to understand that rural infrastructure beat in the form of roads, hospitals, school will benefit the under privileged an its the new India that has been reformed, it’s the inspirational India which wants to benefit from the development of India. This wants to be part of this course…discource

    Sitaram Yechury –Precisely benefit from the development, these are the key words benefit from the development is not that somebody else develops at my laws. This inspirational India wants to be partner of developing India. What this law does is keep them out bail and forget partnership and any benifite. On the other hand it deprive two third of our country which includes two third of our youth which today live in rural India.

    CNN IBN–That’s why the rural infrastructure has been kept out

    Sitaram Yechury – What is this rural infrastructure one corridor one road and you have one km on either side is acquired.

    CNN IBN – Don’t you think when there are roads hospitals schools irrigation system that will benefit the farmers?

    Sitaram Yechury -No who will decide on it. If a village or a rural area wants a school or hospital etc there would not be any pressure in accruing the land. They will do it voluntarily. Anybody who worked in India and in rural India, they will known this is being accoutred not for their sake you sing them as a devoice. What is been acquired a km in either side of the road either side of the industrial corridor, what is it for

    CNN IBN– And you insisting that govt should bring back the consent clause ?

    Sitaram Yechury -we are saying that govt should bring back the clause not that old bill. we are moving amendments to make this bill much more meaningful and much more protective for our farmers today

    CNN IBN– So you feel that govt should agree to these amendments and hence you will be on side of the govt as far as the voting in favour of bill concerned

    Sitaram Yechury -Why will govt agree to our amendments. See if they agree very good but the very fact that they didn’t agree to even they muted bill that was brought by UPA govt. They want to change it more in favour of the corporate against the Indian farmers. So it is not only pro corporate It is anti-farmers

    CNN IBN–Do you think that the govt is nerves now because the opposition has manage to develop this perception that this bill anti farmer & pro rich?

    Sitaram Yechury -as far as we are concerned the left, we are not developing any perception we are only taking the facts to the farmers. Now the fact as such that there is no farmer who is willing to give-up his land which is his only option for livelihood. And you have desert statements coming from the govt spokesmen saying 70 percent of the presently today does not want to cultivate they don’t want to be farmer, how we are going to survive as nation. The farmer of India is annadata. you are depriving this farmer of his land your food production has fallen not because of these unseasonal rains but because of what have been happening and what we have been anticipation unfortunately is coming out too is falling. Farmer suicides on the rise, You take over this land for your speculation landed property. There is neither production and that the larger issue if you take over the land and produced the Indian people have the capacity to buy what is being produced. The purchasing power of Indian people is declining, your export globally are declining. So even if you produce Who is there to buy, whom will you sell it to make profits and for the economy to grow. Its cheaper to buy a house i believe from Delhi and Mumbai. Now where is that money coming from those who have money are not investing. Because if you invest what you do is what you produce. Who is there to buy them. that is the real problem in the country

    CNN IBN- How will that purchasing power grow?

    Sitaram Yechury – It can only grow if you expand your employment oppturinities very well

    CNN IBN– That will only creat when the manufacturing unit created

    Sitaram Yechury – Who will creat that and people for your generation just go back to the history there was a thing called new deal that the US govt put forward what was that state invest built the infrastature  no public sector in the world developed without the state investment.

    CNN IBN– Are you open to the idea of debate on the land bill

    Sitaram Yechury -We are asking for it

    CNN IBN–but the congress saying there is no need of debate

    Sitaram Yechury – No have been telling the govt bring your amendments and debate

    CNN IBN–On any platform in media or outside

    Sitaram Yechury -Why not the parliament that makes the law. Why is the govt shying awar from one platform which alone can make law in Indian which is the parliament of India

    CNN IBN- What about outside

    Sitaram Yechury – Please anywhere you call us we will debate the issue. But the point is in the cost crucial place where laws are made. Only laws can be made there they can’t be made in media discussions they cant be made at outside platform.

    CNN IBN–Let be specific, 2013 act of govt had put 13 activities of govt out of its ambit

    Sitaram Yechury -The earlier list has been expanded by this govt. We had moved an amendment asking that to annul this list. That every peace of land what will be acquired in the country will be acquired on the new law. That was our amendment earlier and that BJP and Congress together rejected. The argument then was no we have some very sensitive installation, we should not expose these installations to the enemies across border and therefore we will not make them entirely public and those short of lands and these 13 earlier bills is not only hiways, it was nuclear installation downwards to everyone of them. If that was the case, the amendment removed to annul these or to reduce them substantially so the our farmers get proper benefits that was rejected then.

    CNN IBN– the govt is saying that they have fruitful first part of the budget session the ensure the passage of mines and minerals bill and the coal bill and the govt in a way has managed this massage that opposition unity perhaps a misnomer   you have called IT POLLITICAL match fixing Why did you say so

    Sitaram Yechury –because the way they got their vote in mines & minerals and on the coal. How they got it in the Lok Sabha the whole country knows. and all of us know in Rajya Sabha how the support was created, manufactured and that is why it is match fixing that you have given which is wrong but some stages you must believe that because of this coal ordinance now law that get more.

    CNN IBN– are you saying that Samajwadi party they voted for the govt they have been fool by the Modi govt?

    Sitaram Yechury – Not fool, there is other reason. Nobody is a fool there are other reasons and that is match fixing is all about.

    CNN IBN– Does it worry you that opposition unity that you saw during the winter session and most of these parties like the Samajwadi party voted for the first time for BJP.

    Sitaram Yechury – When Mr Rajeev Gandhi had 415 members in the Lok sabha  that didn’t worry us. we articulate the interest of what we believe are the Indian people and that will continue to articulate. When other opposition parties are agree and accept our point of view very good.

    CNN IBN–They have better floor management and coordination with opposition then you had

    Sitaram Yechury -You see match fixing doesn’t need floor coordination. Why is it suddenly you had a chief minister of west bangle who is not been called for consult on the budget, who not been called to consult on niti ayog planning commission but who suddenly comes and visit after the CBI starts raiding and ask questions on the parties accounts in west Bengal.

    CNN IBN– But the congress also did not have its full strength in the Rajya Sabha? 14 of its 68 members were absent?

    Sitaram Yechury -The point is once the match fixing took place and many of these opposition parities which have state govt somehow manage on there side then these members relly don’t matters.

    CNN IBN– The TMC voted along with you on your amendment to the motion of the president address, Mamta Banarjee has in the past indicated that she is not adverse to the idea of sharing the stage with the left as far as fighting with the BJP is concerned. In Bihar rivals Lalu and Nitish are come together, is there any possibility to left & TMC coming together?

    Sitaram Yechury – We working with the TMC is out of the Question. Why I say this is the sought of politics and policies that TMC is today. Following in the West Bengal, politics that of terror and intimidation. The policies are policies which are undoing many of the gains that the people of WB got because of left front. Now these are something which are impossible us to accept. No there may be instances like in the parliament as they supported us on the amendment of the motion the address of honourable president, But that is something which they have don’t fine

    CNN IBN– Are you ruling out completely?

    Sitaram Yechury – See unlike other parties please remember one thing and that is our history and that will continue to be the history we will continue to Wright. That our choice of whom we will go with whom we will not, depends not on the personality but depends on the policies. And what is best for the Indian people.

    CNN IBN– Are you worried that in west Bengal lest is gradually conceding the principle opposition space to the BJP

    Sitaram Yechury – No that not the fact if you look at the recent brigade valley as it call in WB the big gate rally is a big thing. You cannot have a big gate rally unless there at least 10 lakh people. Now if the people will respond the hall of left and come and join in larger number then the ten lakh, then i don’t see any illusion of that thought.  When this terror politics operates where is areas of our leader, i mean how many we lost nearly 500 of our leading comrades in the state since the parliament election took place, now if that sought of situation the people are looking for protection some sections and i think very small section but that protection they are seeing now with the BJP having central govt may be the BJP will be able to protect them but this is only a transitory  repentance. When they see that the BJP policies interest not different or may be at all India level works then what they are experiencing in WB then the matter will be entirely different.

    CNN IBN– Is this the question for survival for you? 62MPs is 2004 to just 12 in the current Loksabha. Your vote percentage is down below 5%. Is the left looking for some king off overhaul and that the reason why Biman bose have been replaced with suryakanta mishra because you believe that new blood is needed.

    Sitaram Yechury -New blood is needed is something that is completely independent of all this consideration everywhere. Induction if fresh bold is always welcome. When you say left is isolated or struggling, Jyoti Basu entered the WB assembly when we had just 3 MLA. Jyoti Basu has left behind the legacy where we have seven continuous elections the left front won and 25 years ruled. So there for weather we are one or many that depends how we work for the people. but entirely depends on the policy policies where you stand at the moment in so far as people problem  addressed and where you taking the country Now these are the issues on which people use to support us or not.

    CNN IBN– Is their understanding within the party that Manik sarkar model in which there is some flexibility in politics and governance in a way take that opposition long is the right model.

    Sitaram Yechury –Manik sarkar is the member of the CPIM pilot bureau. Mannik sarkar model is the CPIM model. So there nothing called Manik sarkar model or the Buddhadeb bhattacharya model. It is one mode land in that model yes in Bengal there have been some mistakes committed, we have identified them we told the people, the people know that we have identified we have corrected some. So always whenever such probe is go to the people our priority is not talks with other parties but talk to the peoples.

    CNN IBN– Buddhadeb bhattacharya said the he does not want to continue as the member of the polite bureau, would you been agreeing to that?

    Sitaram Yechury -Well unfortunately because of his health condition. I have been persuading him we all persuading him in last party congress when he said the same thing but his health is such that he not able to take long travel. During the course of last three years there hardly any meeting that he attended outside the Bengal. So given this situation I think because of circumstances and it’s a very a cruel fact to reconcile with is that all of us grow old sometime and that happens