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  • Tuesday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:14:46
  • Coach Sandeep, a celebrity fitness trainer has surpassed the conventional training regime in his pursuit to bring about a change in the lifestyle of people. He is focused in his aim of making India Fit India and in the process he has gone beyond the regular training regime and adopted a more refined method to train the aspiring people.

    The focal areas of Coach Sandeep is weightlifting, endurance and skills which he calls three-headed monster that makes you will feel and look incredible as these alone target the entire well-being of the body.

    As per the Crossfit Open 2020, he is among the top 40 fittest person in India where he has pursued his fitness hobby for more than 15 years which turned into his passion leading to lifestyle. Discovering that fitness acted as a healing balm for the depression, he realised that it was the driving force of his life which always stood throughout his struggle.

    This brought him to a realization where he aspires to establish fitness as the core value contributing towards a healthy lifestyle.

    The training provided by him breaks the many misconceptions related to training and exposes the client’s to reality. He breaks free from the 3 month six pack abs concept highlighting that in reality though it is possible but in the long run it’s not sustainable and even not healthy. To achieve physical fitness perseverance and endurance is what people need to strive for. 

    Moreover the workout plan is strictly steroid free emphasising on the purest form of exercise. The major mantra of Coach Sandeep is that for perfect body physical activity is important and not gym.

    In addition to guiding through the fitness segment, the coach provides holistic development where he is adamant to break the shackles of mental blockage. To adapt to a disciplined lifestyle mental coaching is very important because your body easily gets used to the changes, it is the mental discipline you need to work on. He is a motivational speaker where he develops a one-on-one relation with the client. By providing mental mentorship along with physical fitness, the Coach brings about an inner change in lifestyle which is long lasting.