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  • Collaborative Mathematics at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing at IIT Roorkee

    Published on September 15, 2023

     The Department of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing at the renowned Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is making waves as a driving force behind mathematical and computational innovation and its transformative impact on society.

    Established in March 2022, the Department of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing (D-AMSC) at IIT Roorkee has swiftly emerged as a focal point for cutting-edge research and visionary thinking in the realm of mathematics. Committed to harnessing mathematical paradigms for the betterment of society, the department embodies innovation and excellence.

    The department’s recent hosting of the 12th International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocProS 2023) exemplified its commitment to pushing the boundaries of mathematical applications. The conference, carried the theme “Moving Towards Society 5.0,” echoing the department’s foresight in addressing real-world challenges through mathematical insights. The special sessions featured at this conference serve as a dynamic platform, fostering global collaboration among researchers and practitioners across diverse fields, including Information Technology, Communications, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning. Their primary objectives are multi-faceted: to cultivate a conceptual understanding of emerging trends in Information Technology and Communication, nurture excellence in software development through innovative testing, reliability, and quality assurance practices, delve into the theoretical underpinnings of data analytics and information technologies, explore the myriad applications of machine learning, and engage in critical discussions surrounding the implementation of IT security alongside ethical and social considerations.

    By providing the international forum for interaction and knowledge exchange, these (D-AMSC) at IIT Roorkee illuminate the evolving landscape of technology and its profound impact on our world, offering a glimpse into the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future of our digital society.

    D-AMSC at IIT Roorkee takes pride in its multifaceted approach to mathematics and computing. From tackling linear and non-linear problems to navigating constrained and unconstrained domains, the department’s expertise spans the entire mathematical spectrum. Its contributions to computational paradigms, appropriate reasoning, and functional optimization underscore the pivotal role mathematics plays in advancing society.

    SocProS 2023 attracted esteemed guests from the industry, with Mr. Nitin Mittal, Principal and US Generative AI Leader at Deloitte Consulting, acknowledging the department’s leadership in Generative AI and Chat GPT. Mr. Vishal Sharma, National Managing Director and President at Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd, explored avenues for academic-industry synergy, exemplifying the department’s potential to benefit students, researchers, and faculty members alike.

    Under the stewardship of Prof. Millie Pant, Head of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, D-AMSC at IIT Roorkee continues to shine. Prof. Kusum Deep, the Convenor of the Conference, recounted the inception of the SocProS Conference series in 2011, in collaboration with Prof. Atulya K. Nagar, Pro Vice Chancellor of Liverpool Hope University, UK. The department’s hosting of the 12th edition of this prestigious conference series, with its proceedings set to be published by Springer, underscores its enduring commitment to mathematical advancement.

    “Mathematics along with prowess of computing is the language of possibilities, and at D-AMSC, we’re fluent in its transformative power. Our pursuit is to harness these mathematical advancements to navigate the complexities of Society 5.0. We embrace challenges as opportunities and believe that every equation holds the potential to shape a better world. With Director IIT Roorkee’s unwavering support, we’re on a mission to illuminate the path forward with the brilliance of mathematics.” – Prof. Millie Pant, Head of D-AMSC, IIT Roorkee

    The Department of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing at IIT Roorkee is at the forefront of mathematical innovation, shaping a brighter, mathematically empowered future for society. As it continues to break new ground and foster collaborations, its impact on mathematics and the world at large promises to be nothing short of transformative.

    “Through relentless innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, we at IIT Roorkee are committed to pioneering the mathematics of tomorrow. In the era of Society 5.0, our Department of Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing (D-AMSC), under the insightful leadership of Prof. Millie Pant, stands as a lighthouse guiding us towards intelligent, sustainable, and human-centric solutions. Together, we embark on a journey where mathematics becomes the bridge to a brighter future.” said Prof. KK Pant Director, IIT Roorkee


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