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  • Sunday, December, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:33:31
  • The SwampButt Underwear college football award for the most turnovers, known as the ‘Turnover-Turnover’ has an early leader after the games played for the weekend of October 10, 2020. The team with the most turnovers in a single game last week was Houston with five against Tulane. There were other teams with five total turnovers, but Houston was the only team to have achieved this in a single game. Four of the turnovers were in the first half, three of which were in the first quarter and led to twenty-one Tulane points.

    Generous Winners

    Remarkably with all those giveaways, Houston won its game against Tulane 49-31. “We were not sure if the victory over Tulane was because the Green Wave isn’t very good, or Houston is just a slow starting team,” said corporate spokesman and enthusiastic trick-or-treater Nick Heraldson. “We decided it was both.” Tulane had played three games prior to the meeting with Houston where the Cougars played the latest season opener in the school’s history. Games against Washington State, Rice, Memphis, North Texas, and Baylor were all cancelled or postponed until later in the season. At this writing the game against Memphis is the only one rescheduled for this season on December 5, 2020 in Memphis.

    Just Hang On

    There are plenty of drills in football for learning ball security. One that has not been tried is to put a handle on the ball so that it can be held like a briefcase or suitcase. “In a pinch, a handle made from duct tape will do,” Heraldson said. “Of course, ‘stick-um’ is no longer legal so we can’t recommend that,” Heraldson said while winking the whole time.


    Houston will need to figure out how to hang on to the ball and soon as they face fourteenth ranked BYU on Friday, October 16, 2020 at their home stadium located on the campus of the University of Houston. “The blue cougars will not give the ball away and can play defense better than Tulane did,” Heraldson speculated. “If the red cougars can hang on to the ball, they have a chance, but not otherwise.”

    Other Schools In The Hunt

    Schools other than Houston also have five turnovers so far, but all have played more than a single game. They are listed below in no particular order.

    Team                          Games Played                        Turnovers Lost

    Houston                      1                                               5

    UTSA                         5                                               5

    Texas Tech                 4                                                5

    SMU                          4                                                5

    South Alabama          3                                                5

    Pitt                             5                                                5

    Memphis                   2                                                 5

    Western Kentucky     4                                                5

    West Virginia             3                                                5

    Kentucky                   3                                                5

    Iowa State                  4                                                5