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  • College Project becomes a Startup for young entrepreneur Srikanth Balmoori IIMs, MICA, XLRIs are his clients now

    Published on January 9, 2020

    Hyderabad : A college project is something which is done for fun and, of course, done for marks in some cases, in a make-belief situation with not too many risks involved. But when some of these projects implemented and turned into a profitable business, it is a different kind of an experience. One such is Gradi5.

    For Srikanth Balmoori his college project has left so much of a deep impression on him, ultimately he ended up floating ‘Gradi5’, a startup a year ago. Gradi5 captures moments and experiences of students in a school or college and produces a book at the end of the year for the sake of eternity.

    A small stall at the just concluded ICTIEE 2020 at Anurag Group of Institutions is attracting a lot of attention. Hyderabad based startup – Gradi5 – is the brainchild of 28-year-old Founder & CEO Srikanth Balmoori, a IIM Indore graduate who passed in 2015 year batch. A unit Codeswatch Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a designing startup – Gradi5 is run by a team of three young chaps viz. Srikanth Balmoori, Mohd. Shoeb Anees and Sruthi M.

    Under the brand name ‘Gradi5’, the Srikanth and team offers custom made personalised year books. Targeted at schools, colleges and B-School students, the books are beautifully designed by their designers incorporating pictures and texts. Serving as sweet memoirs, similar to photo albumsb(the only difference here is it has both visual images and stories), the coffee table style books are a unique way of capturing memories says the young CEO. The Startup was started in the October 2018.

    The idea was born when Srikanth was part of a team for the year book of IIM Indore. What started as a passion for designing is now turned out to be his full-time job. The beautifully designed Gradi5 year books can be got in the price range of Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 depending on size, paper quality and number of copies. We also take a lot of outside freelance support depending on the work load. Codeswatch also does designing work for many firms and businesses. We have designed catalogues for Puma, interior designer portfolios, etc.

    Presently they are producing around 2000 such personalised books for various clients.  And their target is to touch 10,000 books a year.  A lofty goal, but, it is not difficult. In future they want to extend their services to individuals and organisations such as Lions, Rotary, Jaycees, Freemasons, Trade, Industry and Professional bodies. Their members and office bearers can document their yearlong activities, memories into a book which serves as reference value.

    We also have ideas to turn memories of marriages or an event and share it in a book form. Right now we are working with a couple who are celebrating their Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary. We are capturing their 25 years long memories, journey, togetherness into a coffee table book, they shared.

    Gradi5 boasts of works for IIM Indore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Bangalore, MICA Ahmedabad, XLRI, etc. We have around 15 projects in the pipeline that will be finalized soon, says Srikanth.