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  • Colour me green! Azafran’s organic crayons could be your child’s new best friend

    Published on September 14, 2022

    One of the most memorable moments in a child’s life is when a crayon is in their hands. But, what many parents don’t know is those little blocks of colour could be extremely harmful, not just to the little ones, but the planet as well! Toxic chemicals, allergic ingredients, polluting materials, there could be a multitude of risk factors involved with crayons. Amidst all these worries, is there a way our kids could colour sans any danger? Well, Azafran has the answer.

    India’s most sought after brand when it comes to top quality sustainable and organic products, Azafran’s exclusive line up of organic crayons are kind to our tiny tots as well as Mother Nature. Boasting of zero parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or artificial fragrance, these plant based crayons are made from wholesome ingredients such as coconut oil, organic palm and soy butter. What’s more is that the crayons are vegan, clinically tested and toxin free!

    Available in Block, Pencil and Glitter form, Azafran’s organic crayons come in a variety of eye-catching shades. With these crayons, your little ones could not just let their imagination run wild on a blank canvas, but also learn about loving the planet, one colour at a time. It can be the best way to introduce our children to eco-friendly and sustainable behaviour at their formative age.

    So, the next time your toddler wants to channel their inner Picasso, don’t forget to hand them Azafran’s exquisite organic crayons!


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