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  • Thursday, December, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:22:42
  • The unique flavours and tastes of Indian cooking are well-known across the globe – an enticing whiff in the neighbourhood can reveal what’s cooking! What makes Indian cuisines so different from any other cuisine in the world is the inimitable amalgamation of spices and flavours. These spices may vary from region to region but surprisingly, they follow the same principle in cooking – they have to be sautéed, simmered and braised at the right temperature and with optimum heat distribution. The essence of spices is that they have to travel to every morsel of the food and effectively penetrate the inherent flavours into the cuisine. And now the latest challenge is to combine these intricate flavours of Indian spices with cuisines that are healthy and can effectively complement the fitness regimes of Indian Customers.

    Häfele’s Combi Microwave Oven comes with the ideal combination of microwave cooking as well as convection cooking, baking and grilling. It gives you maximum flexibility where you can choose the power of the microwave, the level of grilling, the temperature and the timing at the same time and all this at your fingertips. The combi microwave comes with a pre-set cooking menu that helps you to cook your food at a touch of your fingertip. In order to eliminate excess heat and yet ensure that the food is cooked from within as well as gets the perfect brown roast on the outside, you can combine the goodness and power of microwave to your cooking that will expedite the cooking process with the same thoroughness – you can now achieve the same cooking results in shorter spans, with reduced heat consumption and with minimum oil or butter. Häfele’s combi microwave often thus gives you the ideal cooking results of traditional as well as modern cuisines and yet makes your food healthy.


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