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Come and Discover cars that define you with Big Boy Toyz

We are soon to turn another year old and it’s time to bring home the right present from the best one. With an array of 75 to 100 carsfrom 24 exotic brands under the roof to woo your 6th sense, BBT has everything that defines you and stands true to your personality.Each zodiac calls for a personality trait and so does car! It’s time to drive your personality out with BBTcars making it a perfect year end celebration.

Libra (September 24- October 23)

Range Rover-” Come on over. I’ve got all your favorites ready. Burger, fries, your Bff’s, luxury, comfort and me”

You’re urbane, flirty and highly social with a propensity to be easily influenced.Thus, aRange Rover—the best-selling luxury SUV is right up your alley. Spacious enough to pick up all of your BFFs on the way to the club and post selfies to the ’Gram while waiting at the red signals, you go to great lengths to ensure that your family and friends are relaxed and satisfied in their surroundings. Stunning, Powerful and Comfortable,these three terms sum up what makes up the Range Rover and you. Range Rover is the first SUV to feature a body entirely made of aluminium. This four-wheel drive comes with LR-TDV6 3.0litre Diesel engine and is a 6-cylinder model. Offering the top speed of 210km/h, Range Rover comes with features like Smart Stop/Start, Electronic Air Suspension and Diesel Misfuelling ProtectionDevice. Dreams should come true. That’s what we believe in. That’s what we are here for. And that’s what you deserve!

Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov.

Rolls Royce– ”Look at you! Embrace and transform into the greatest, truest version of yourself”

With you, there’s always more than meeting the eye. On the outside,you appear calm and collected, while inside you are brewing with intense passion and power. In line with the characteristics of a Scorpio, the RollsRoyce features one of the classiest and most comfortable luxury cars.Determined, forceful, influential and passionate, you don’t take the road less travelled.You go off-roading altogether. You’re exciting and magnetic yet secretive. All you need is a Rolls Royce for yourself that you can drive over rocky woodlands while having a blast withyour people and just zen out alone for a while and enjoy an immensely luxurious and unparalleled experience. Trust me, you deserve the best.So,to offer that best to you, here comes the Rolls-Royce that has been striving for perfection, making themost stunning luxury cars in the world. You are favorite among your friends and Rolls-Royce among the celebrities. And that’s how, you steal the hearts with just one look and this is what perfectly defines who you are. Rolls Royce reflects excellence and class just like you.

Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Mercedes Maybach– ”You are you and that’s the best thing about you”

You are free-spirited, always optimistic, and would rather enjoy the present than dwelling in the past or on the uncertainties of the future. Consequently, it’s hard to pin a Sagittarius down, as most of them find routines too boring to bother with. With such an erratic personality, only a Mercedes Maybach is the option for you. It’s sexy, swift, and offers a little room for extra passengers, perfect for Sagittarius’ dread of drama and baggage.Optimistic and freedom-loving, ecstatic and a bit restless, you’re going places and you plan to get there in style. Enter the new Mercedes Maybach and experience elegance, luxury and excellence and treat yourself. The absolutely stunning Maybach is truly a specimen of class and elegance thereby defining a purest Sagittarius.

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