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Constantly thriving to make this world a better place to live is Narendra Rawat

Narendra Rawat is an ace social worker, motivator, coach, and an inspiring figure whose life work has helped millions.

The pace at which the world has been advancing, sooner there will be no time left for people to spend their time with their family, friends, and loved ones. The next gen human currently has been overloaded with work 24*7, not giving him any opportunity to look towards his family or even his society. People have been extremely busy in their schedules and have forgotten how to make a difference in the society and environment that they live in. With so many technological advances and advents, the world has taken a giant stride in many domains but in the mean time has forgotten towards the responsibility of the society. Let us read about one persona, who life motto has been only development of others, Narendra Rawat.

Narendra Rawat is an well-known and renowned name when it comes to contribution towards people and society at large. Being highly inclined towards the work of the society since his early age, it was no brainer for Narendra Rawat to work towards the betterment of people and lift their morale and provide them with basic necessities of life. Narendraji has worked day and night for many people and have provided them with many opportunities across diverse niches. He is the Director of Rawat Educational Group, a leading educational group based in Rajasthan since 1983, and the founder of Nirmala Auditorium, which is one of finest auditorium in the state. Nirmala Auditorium conducts multiple programs across the year and holds prestigious events like charity programs, large career fairs, film promotion programs, international & national level workshop, shows & award functions, and comes across as a great platform to push emerging talents across effective mediums. In the year 2022, Narendra Ji has been conferred with “Educational Entrepreneur of the Year” award in the hands of President of The Republic of Mauritius Mr. Prithvirajsing Roopun.

Narendra ji is an strong advocate for women empowerment. He facilitates women for their brilliant work with awards like ‘Rawat Gaurav Award’ & ‘Rawat Pratibha Award’. Being an ardent supporter of sports and other activities, Narendraji has built a huge sports complex in the campus of Rawat Public School which conducts world-class level badminton court, along with a huge Taekwondo training center. He has also built a large cricket ground named ‘Rawat Cricket Ground’ at Bhankrota, Jaipur where state level cricket tournament ‘Rawat Cricket Cup’ is hosted by his Rawat Group every year which sees a huge participation from teams coming from across Rajasthan.

In addition to being a key part of many such social and charitable work, Narendraji also help people within the entertainment industry. He provides opportunities for people to work with Nirmala Magazine and Rawat Times which is published by his family owned Rawat Group.

For more details, visit the website- www.narendrarawat.com.

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