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  • Coolabee by Suhail Shaji shines bright as a one-stop-shop for all things innovative, creative and trendy

    Published on February 21, 2023

    What has helped the online shopping portal gain greater momentum is its wide range of products and the company’s focus on providing the best customer service.

    People all over the world are well aware of how a few businesses, platforms and brands were built from the ground up. Still, there is a need to discuss more about them for the world to better understand the brilliance behind business owners and founders. It is essential to thus put more light on the successes and journeys of these business owners, who not only believed in their dreams and aspirations but also worked tooth and nail to earn a prominent position in their industries by getting closer to goals and visions. Serving as one such incredible example is Suhail Shaji, the brain behind Coolabee, an increasingly popular online shopping site.

    Coolabee may appear to be just another online shopping portal vying to make its mark in the ever-so-evolving and competitive digital space. However, it is much beyond that, which is proved by the insane momentum and growth the brand has created within just a month after getting founded in January 2023. It is very rare that online platforms have offered every excellent product category in one place, and that too at affordable prices, but Coolabee stands as an exception here. It offers people the highest quality products, be it shoes, unisex fashion items, mobile phone covers, gift items and more and also offers them at competitive prices so that every person who wishes to buy innovative products can get them all at one place without feeling heavy on the pockets.

    Suhail Shaji also points out that besides the pricing factor, Coolabee has remained driven and determined toward offering the best customer service to each and every person who makes a choice to buy from it. He says that Coolabee could become such a big hit among people in such a short span because it delivered on the modern-day trends and choices of people, paid attention to its quality and also the customer service.

    All this together has allowed the online shopping site to thrust forward and become a one-stop-shop for all things innovative.


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