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  • Saturday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:25:22
  • The winter season is here and Cornitos Tortilla Wraps and Taco Shells are all set to bring the heat. As the weather cools down and days get smaller, the urge to stay tucked in and eat delicious food reaches an all-time high. Cornitos has got you covered with its Tortilla Wraps & Taco Shells. Load them up with delicious favourites and it is all ready to satiate the hunger. Dive into the flavours while experiencing the chills and comfort. 

    Tortilla Wraps- 

    Tired of eating the same old lunch or dinner every day? Cornitos tortilla wraps can make your lunchtime flavourful. Give yourself a little treat with Cornitos Tortilla wraps. Combine it with salsa, favourite dressing and veggies. And that’s how your Mexican style lunch is ready in a few minutes. Consumers can make interesting Mexican recipes like enchiladas, tostadas and quesadilla or use it as a pizza base. Not just Mexican, but Indian, Chinese, Italian recipes can also be cooked at ease with Cornitos tortilla Wraps. Check out interesting recipe you can create – https://shop.cornitos.in/blogs/main-dishes-recipe 

    Taco Shells- 

    Gone are the days when you had to go to a restaurant for fun and tasty Mexican tacos – with Cornitos Taco Shells, you are ready for any snacking needs. The Cornitos Taco Shells are not only delicious, but also non-GMO, gluten free, cholesterol free and made with corn oil. 

    The Cornitos Taco Shells are the perfect blank canvas for your chef imagination to run wild. They provide the perfect base and allow you to experiment freely with what goes inside the tacos! Whether you are a meat lover, a veggie queen or have a unique taste palette, the Cornitos Taco Shells are the snack for you. 

    The Cornitos Taco Shells come in two kits – cocktail size and big size. Both kits contain 12 pieces of taco shells and a taco recipe on the back of pack. These kits provide the ultimate snacks with utmost convenience and without making you compromise on taste.  Get it online – https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/tortilla-wraps-taco-shells 


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