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    Corona Virus And Impact on Travel Tips by Jay Kantawala from WIYO Travel

    Published on March 17, 2020

    by Sachin Murdeshwar

    Corona Virus  or COVID 19 as we all know has had a significant impact on the Global Trade, Economy and Travel.

     The COVID  – 19 has affected 104 countries and territories. As of today the number of Corona Virus (COVID – 19) has surpassed 1,07,800 and 3,661 deaths.  World Health Organisation(WHO) reminds all countries and communities that the spread of this virus can be significantly slowed or even reversed through the implementation of robust containment and control activities.


    It is also observed that the Corona Virus (COVID – 19) affects people above 65 or people with chronic illness OR with low immunity more as compared to the younger generation.


    China and a few other countries have already demonstrated that the spread fo the virus can be slowed and impact reduced by using of universally applicable actions such as working across society to identify people who are sick, bringing them to care, preparing hospitals and clinics to manage surge in patients, educating and training health workers.


    As WHO continues to work with all counters to develop guidance, distribute supplies, share knowledge and provide people with the information they need to protect themselves and others.


    Several countries have released travel advisories for their citizens to travel to various countries. Some of the countries are restricting flights/travel from a few affected countries.


    The Flights and hotels are seeing high cancellation and substantial reduction in international traveller’s. Due to this  Airlines have started offering free cancellation or date change and hotels are also extending similar benefits to their customers.


    There are several travellers who are ready to fly inspite of the situation as the overall percentage of affected people is substantially low in most countries. The biggest fear what traveller’s are having is getting stuck in a foreign land. What happens if there is a surge in the increase in the number of cases after they reach a foreign country and the government issues a travel restriction to / from home country, one will be stuck in a foreign land.


    Major conferences and international trade fares have been cancelled or postponed all over the world due to the Corona Virus outbreak.


    To avoid this, we are expecting that there will be some increase in domestic travel.


    How can you protect yourself if you still decide to travel?


    There are a range of Recommendations by WHO for those who would prefer to travel int he current scenario.


    1.   Wash your hands frequently

    2.   Cover your nose and mouth when coughing

    3.   Avoid close contact with anyone showing slightest signs which are seen in Corona Virus patients such as fever, running nose, cold, cough, difficulty in breathing.

    4.   Incase you feel you have any symptoms of Corona Virus, go to the nearest Medical facility to get yourself checked.


    Jay Kantawala from WIYO Travel commented that there most tourists are opting to cancel their international travel, a few are applying for their visas and will take a call last minute. This is mainly due to the complete uncertainty in how the Virus is spreading and sudden decisions by the government authorities to implement travel bans and chances of getting stuck in a foreign land.


    Jay Kantawala from WIYO Travel commented that statistics has shown that the cruise industry has been steadily growing and has seen excellent growth in past 5 years, the year 2017 has seen a investment of over US Dollars 6.8 Billion in new cruise ships, this will add capacity further and the cruise companies are expecting the industry to grow at a good pace in the coming years. Lot of cruisers would use the cruise experience to feel a destination to only return there again at a later date to explore in-depth.