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  • Thursday, February, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:59:40
  • Bengaluru: ISBR Business School today announced the launch of a new initiative, Corporate Gurukulam Program, for connecting the
    young management minds to the Gurus of the Indian Business community. Around 25 senior officials from companies like Cognizant, Infosys, PROLIM, Envision Financial Systems, U&I Worldwide, Fusion Microfinance, IQVIA etc. have joined hands to design and mentoring a galaxy of superstars & trailblazers for the near future.
    The key objectives of Mentoring are:

     Ø  Identify the gap between the aspirations & the reality of the mentees.

    Ø  Guiding them to bridge the gap.

    Ø  Align the career path with choice of specialization.

    Ø  Assist in identifying weaknesses and strengths of the student vis-à-vis the career choice.

    Ø  Finalizing the career path.

    Dr. Lakshman Kumar, Director, ISBR, said, “the planned mentorship program provides a platform for the students to realize their potential by enabling
    personal and professional relationships with mentors and the mentor would act as role models, friends, philosophers, and guides. The mentors would
    comprise of professionals and business practitioners with added passion towards mentoring. Recently ISBR conducted a session on Corporate Gurukulam
    which witnessed 14 industry veterans from diverse sectors stressing the need for a mentorship program at business schools and committed s to guide and
    shoulder the responsibility of mentorship and grooming the young budding managers to tomorrow’s global leaders”.

    This Industry-Academia partnership in this area will kick start from the end of February and will officially span over a period of 6 months. More than 220
    students would get their role models who would diligently work with them to carve their career pathways.

    A session on MY PURPOSE MAP was organized for all the students with the aim of giving them clarity of what are their real aspirations and the mentors
    would handhold them and show them the right way by matching those desires with their competencies.