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Cosmic Urban Connect – Abstract Art Exhibition by renowned artist Jagan

 Delhi – Cosmic Urban Connect – expresses the oneness of the cosmos and everything else through abstract paintings, in a solo art exhibition by renowned artist & painter, expressionist, Jagan.

Today was a momentous day for Mumbai as the Cosmic Urban Connect series, an abstract artwork expression by much acclaimed Bengaluru-based painter artist expressionist, Jagan opened in Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli. The week-long art solo show is a mesmerizing visual journey through a masterful blend of oil and acrylic on canvas.

Jagan vividly shows how the universe and the human connect. Every picture is like a doorway to the infinite cosmos.  The expressions are how the artist’s abstract thought processes mix with the energy that one feels. Jagan wants you to think and feel connected. As you look at the paintings, you will find more than just pictures. They are the feel and the soul-searching journey of the artist, painted with colour and texture, each with meaningful lines that show what Jagan sees.

Sundaresan Jagannivasan, fondly called Jagan, started an impressive journey in 1995 when he started MatexNet. He was a pioneer in online auctions for surplus and obsolete inventory, bringing this new idea to India.

However, Jagan’s journey did not stop there. In 2017, he had a big change in what he focused on, following his real passion – art and painting. With guidance from the famous artist M.G. Doddamani, he began a journey of expressing himself through art. He tried different ways of mediums, like acrylic, oil, and digital. I was doodling till 2017 and then I took up to serious painting says the 66-year-old humorous artist.

Surprisingly, the difficulties brought by the pandemic sparked Jagan’s creativity. He created more than 200 art pieces during this time, each showing how resilient and creative he was. These artworks formed the basis for his first solo exhibition, ‘Cosmic Urban Connect,’ held in 2023 at Chitra Kala Parishath, Bangalore. In this exhibition, his art was bold and innovative, reflecting his unique ideas in abstract and original ways.

Jagan’s captivating paintings will be shown at Nehru Centre, Worli, from May 7th to May 13th, 2024. The artist says, “Since the art show in Bengaluru last year, many art lovers from the city have been asking me to display my art here. So, I have set the dates and hope to see lots of joyful, smiling faces during the exhibition.”

The opening witnessed the presence of many renowned personalities from Mumbai.

The show is curated by eminent artist MGDoddamani.

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