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    Count on Jonah Engler’s holistic wellness guidance for 2020 during the pandemic

    Published on May 20, 2020

    COVID-19 has acted as a deal-breaker for most of our goals for 2020! People who had travel plans are scared to move out. While we wait for the vaccine and treatments, it’s a smart call to make productive use of the lockdown and staying-at-home phase. Other than working from home and spending time on leisure activities, you could also think about giving your life a positive boost. It means trying to make shifts in wellness and lifestyle that will help you gain more energy to lead life joyously and confidently.

    Most of us have read about the lifestyle and wellness trends about ear seedings and forest bathing! But currently, it’s challenging to opt-in for anything as fascinating as these two trends. But that doesn’t mean you have no options. You can delve into some smart and intelligent wellness trends, which can be a game-changer in your life.

    Wellness guidance from Jonah Engler

    The term wellness is holistic! It includes well-being of the body, mind, and your inner being. Hence, other than managing your weight, reducing your stress, you also need to address your mind and its issues. Are you thinking about how to go about it? Jonah Engler, a wellness enthusiast, shares a few useful ways.

    1. Eat natural food as one meal of the day

    The views on intermittent fasting might vary! Also, medically you need to check whether it’s applicable for you or not. However, now that we are surviving a global pandemic, it’s essential to stay fit and boost the immune system. One of the best ways to do this is by eating natural food. You might choose one meal of the day, ideally the breakfast or lunch, and consume natural food, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, herbs, and the like. Prepare a good portion and ensure it has healthy nutrients. That way, you won’t feel constant hunger pangs and can also lose weight effectively. It will aid your digestion and also make you fit and agile. Eating natural also clears out the body toxins and clears your gut. It makes you create a clean and healthy body.

    1. Make your daily yoga sessions replace yoga retreats

    Did you plan a yoga retreat for 2020? If yes, chances are it’s indefinitely postponed. While that might sound a little demotivating, there’s ample help to lighten up your mood. You can browse online and make the most of the yoga retreat videos. You can follow the yogic postures demonstrated in the video at home. Schedule a time for this in the morning or evening and customize your version of a yoga retreat during the pandemic.

    Make sure that you choose the correct posture complexity level. If you are a beginner, don’t try advanced yoga postures. That can give you muscle aches, twitches and you might have to discontinue the practice. It is essential to stay regular with your yoga practice to gain maximum benefit. Daily yoga practice will tone the body and attune the mind as well.

    1. Juices and smoothies boost your mood and body

    Have you delved into the therapeutic power of juices and smoothies yet? If not, 2020 is the time to leverage the benefits. Juices and smoothies can keep your stomach full for a long time. It also adds the necessary vitamins to your body, which boosts your immune system. You can start with a fruit juice and move onto smoothies for the later part of the day. For instance, if you start your day with a fruit juice, you can mix kale, rolled oats, curd, matcha powder, and cocoa powder into a smoothie before lunch. It cleans the toxins from the body, helps you to eat light and stay fit.

    1. Replace sugar with maple syrup or honey

    If quitting sugar was on your fitness goal list, now is the best time to do it! You can substitute white sugar with maple syrup or honey and witness the changes in your body. Other than making you lose the extra pounds, quitting sugar will add more energy to your life. Prolonged practice might make you look younger by improving your skin tone and texture. That aside, it also helps you to focus better, think clear and sharp.

    1. Practice the art of letting go

    Ailments and diseases occur in the body because of repressed emotions and thoughts! One of the best wellness trends is to get into the habit of letting go. Take some time out and focus on your limited thoughts that stop you from living mindfully and happily. It could be you are nursing hurt and are unable to forgive the one responsible for it.

    Take time to feel your emotions and decide to let go! You can write a letter to this person or a note focusing on the event and then burnt it. As you do that, imagine that you are releasing all dense thoughts attached to the incident and person. You don’t have to start communicating with the person concerned. But it’s good to do away with the bitterness present in your heart. Letting go allows you to make way for positive thoughts and actions, which brings more joy and happiness.

    1. Learning EFT to gain emotional freedom

    Emotional freedom is essential to content and happy living! Done correctly, it frees the ancient wounds, and that changes the course of our lives. EFT, which translates as the Emotional Freedom Technique, is a popular healing modality to end your past pains, trauma, and phobias. The practice entails tapping into specific points in the forehead, nose, brow bone, cheekbone, chin, collar bone, and repeats a few affirmations.

    Our pains and traumas get embedded in our tissues and make it challenging for us to release the same. EFT tapping technique is making its presence felt globally today. It has helped people with anxiety issues and deep childhood traumas. As you heal through this technique, your mind creates the required changes in your life that will have a profound benefit.

    These are a few wellness tips that you can implement as you are at home! It will help you to stay fit and healthy. You will also release dense thoughts, anxiety, stress, and trauma accumulated over the years.