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  • ChrisAndJasmin aka Chris Foster and Jasmin Gomez are a couple, they are new upcoming influencers. Their primary genre is comedy, pranks, and lifestyle influence.

    They have more than 50million views on their social media and more than 100k subscribers.

    Chris Foster and Jasmin Gomez met on 04/14/2021 and when they met each other they fell in love while they were just working on music video.

    They have been doing videos together since then.

    Jasmin Gomez is from Chalatenango, El Salvador and she is 19 years old. She also did some modelling jobs with a few big agencies. She is now going to school studying to be a Business Lawyer which is her dream. Soccer is one of her Favorite games which she used to be a part of her at school as well.

    Chris Foster is and 27 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California since 2014. He studied Business. He had a few small businesses such as a phone repair store, stocks trading and also does IT(information Technology). He got into music which led him to start doing funny and entertainment videos for tiktok, Facebook and YouTube. Chris is not really interested in any sports; he is really big on helping out the people in need; his main goals are to keep growing his businesses and then help the people.

    They are recognized for their ‘NAKED TOWEL PRANK’ Video which went viral on Tiktok and had over 12 million Views. Their account started growing after that video and still in good shape and growth.

    Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/chrisandjasmin/


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