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  • COVID on Attack? Yoga is the best defense:Ram Mandhan, Certified Practitioner and Yoga Instructor

    Published on July 20, 2020

    The human body has faced a lot during the time of the pandemic as it is not able to deal with the deadly C19 virus. An interesting and surprising fact of the Corona, even till the time the virus wasn’t part of our life recovering agents and antibodies were present in our system. These antibodies and agents have helped the human being to fight against the virus and have fought and aided the quick recovery of the disease.

    Corona took our Indian saying of “Atithi Devo Bhava” too seriously and paid a surprise visit to our body family and fortunately now we know about this guest, how it comes, what it likes, and what implication it might have on us. We also know how to survive and recover from it.


    A usual disease is the result of stress and unbalanced synergy that happens inside the human body, but with COVID-19 it came from an international destination and it can affect us with symptoms like fever, dry cough, tiredness, and other. The coronavirus is supposed to be paralyzed and can’t even move on its own. It uses our body’s protective agents like cells and hampers our respiratory system, metabolism, and in a bigger picture the full body. The human body strength usually makes COVID stay short.


    Keeping the physical aspects aside C-19 virus has had a major implication on the mental strength of human and has caused problems like depressions, stress, anxiety because of the 24×7 stressing news and other factors like job losses, impact on the economy, not getting exposed to the outside world and lack of fresh air.


    Yoga can play a vital part to help us in these unprecedented times, for the precaution against the physical impact on our body “Aasanas” and “Pranayams” act as the major saviors, for mental strength yogic meditation and other yoga techniques like “Pratipaksha Bhavana”, this has potential to shift the energies and align them in such a way that in every situation only goodness and positivity is read and picked up and “Nishpanda Bhava” This is one of the most powerful yogic techniques developed by to inculcate a spirit of vairagya, ‘letting go’.


    Even though the experts are saying C-19 is a mild virus. But this mild virus turns into strong for the senior and elderly people. So, any sort of negligence or taking the diseases lightly can act as a cause for death. Having said that all generations should keep themselves aware and be patient a engage in daily yoga practice for at least an hour. All these yogic methods act as a two-faced sword and act as a shield against the deadly coronavirus.

    “Be positive but be ready for negative” has turned to “Being Negative is the biggest Positive today time”