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  • Create Memories to Cherish Forever in the Gorgeous & Simple Coorg

    Published on September 23, 2020

    About Coorg

    Known for its coffee and spice plantations and enchanting lush greenery, the stunning hill station of Coorg is neatly placed in the state of Karnataka, India. Rich flora and fauna, streams gushing through forest-covered hills and vibrant culture, Coorg is the perfect place to drown into nature and a colorful lifestyle.

    Waterfalls, forests, trekking lanes, museums and sanctuaries, this place offers a wonderful experience to its travellers, especially with the amazing resorts in Coorg.This enticing hill station is also called the Scotland of South India!

    Places To Visit In Coorg

    • Abbey Falls

    The waters flowing from a height of 70 feet promises an absolutely breathtaking view to its visitors. The lush greenery surrounding the waterfalls is a delight for photographers and nature lovers.

    • Harangi Dam

    Ideal for a good family picnic and to spend some relaxing moments with your loved ones, the Harangi Dam is located in the Hudgur village. It is known for the beautiful view it offers.

    • Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

    Surrounded by coffee and cardamom plantations, wildlife lovers can relish spotting various species of birds and animals here. Emerald dove, bulbul, cobra, python, gaurs and more. It is also a famous trekking spot, with the evergreen and semi-evergreen forests serving visuals.

    • Barapole River

    If you are an adventure lover, you will absolutely love river rafting in the Barapole river! Rafting through the dense forests and the stunning Brahmagiri sanctuary is a once in a lifetime experience!

    • Nagarhole National Park

    Rich in flora and fauna, boasting of raw nature and serenity, Nagarhole National Park is an enchanting place for nature lovers.

    Trees like sandalwood, rosewood and silver oak enhance the beauty of this beautiful park. You can spot hyenas, sloth bears, elephants, gaurs, spotted deers, king cobra, vine snake, tortoise and 250 species of birds here!

    Shopping in Coorg

    •  The Friday Market

    All quality spices at affordable prices! This place is famous for selling the best quality spices, and you can absolutely not miss it if you happen to visit Coorg on a Friday.

    • Flea Market

    Want to experience street shopping in Coorg? Flea Market is the place to be! Spices, precious stones, antiques, artificial jewellery, there is everything here! Bur be sure to check the quality before purchasing anything.

    • Coffee Stores

    Coorg is known for its coffee plantations; you absolutely cannot miss to visit the wonderful coffee shops and take home the delicious coffee beans!

    Best Time To Visit

    Winters from October to March is definitely the best time to visit Coorg! The climate is beautiful and pleasant; you can enjoy sight-seeing, camping, safaris, trekking and all other outdoor activities.

    Summers are wonderful and soothing. Thus March to May is a pretty favourite for tourists. However, this is also the peak season and getting coorg resorts may be difficult if not booked in advance.

    The monsoons from June to September are not really a good time to travel to this hill station, given the heavy showers.

    Where to Stay?

    There are wonderful resorts in Coorg, but to enhance your overall experience, you should go for the best! The place you stay impacts your mood, and it offers comfort and hygiene. It is safe to say that Club Mahindra resorts offer both and more, easily pacing for the best resorts in Coorg!  If you are wondering why, well these are some of the facilities the hotel provides-

    Club Mahindra Madikeri Coorg

    Heartwarming hospitality, delicious cuisines and great luxuries, this resort in Coorg promises you gorgeous scenic views from your window and is situated amidst natural grandeur. Your spacious rooms adorned with large windows will absolutely please you-

    Club Mahindra Virajpet in Coorg and Golden Landmark are also Club Mahindra resorts in Coorg that promise you and your family a memorable experience! Bonfire dining, Burma bridge walking, coffee and spice plantation tour and many other interesting in-resort activities!

    Escape to the serene valleys of Coorg with your family to unwind yourself and book yourself the best resort in Coorg to elevate the experience!